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Sunday, June 06, 2021

Supplement to Jung’s Flying Saucer book?

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This rare book by Otto Billig [1910-1989], one-time Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, might be considered a supplement to Jung’s Flying Saucers: A Modern Myth of Things Seen in the Sky.

Professor Billig, himself, is an obscure, brilliant interpreter of Jungian Analytical Psychology, and presses UFO interpretations into the mold that Jung did with his own book. (I’ve presented, in the past, some material from both books here.)

While most of us are corrupted…er, concerned…with the current UFO cycle being pressed upon us by wayward ufologists and news media, let me present here one of the sightings that is dissected by Professor Billig, a sighting that takes on the appearance of a José Caravaca Distortion Theory example.

The Billig analysis appears as Appendix V [Page 227 ff. in the paperback] and took place in Nashville, Tennessee, July 1972.

A woman and her 30 year-old daughter were sitting in a car, a few minutes before 9 p.m., waiting for their son/brother they were picking up to take home from work.

A craft that looked like “one saucer turned over another …with a flat surface underneath, and a red light on top … [making a continual ‘Beep, Beep’ sound. This craft had tiny or small windows around the middle … The craft itself was Metallic, like aluminum, with no means of identity or classification on the outside. Inside the craft  through the small windows were softly lit colors in yellow, pink, and pale green. Inside the craft were objects [sic] as people that seemed to be dressed in green (!)  coveralls, pressure ‘space’ suits or some coverings, moving back and forth as if hastily at work. However the colors could be caused from reflections inside the ship, as these objects [sic] were covered completely. The space craft or ship moved slowly at times without a rotating position, but moved forward or backward in a straight line. Other times the craft traveled in rotating movements, [traveling] very swiftly.” [Page 228]

(Since the daughter confirmed the sighting, Professor Billig writes that the episode may be a folie à deux.)

Apparently the mother got out of the car as she reports (in her letter to Professor Billig) that she “ran as fast as [she] could toward the craft” fearing that “they” would spot her or “give chase or throw out some beam toward [her, but] They did nothing, as they seemed not to notice.” [ibid]

“All during this time the people aboard were busy at work … [seeming] to be busy on computers or machinery … [She] began counting the men or objects [sic]. First there, 7, 8, then 9, then I seemed to count up to 12 but at this point [she] began to realize [her vision could be getting somewhat confused, so at 15 [she] stopped counting … [But she thought] there were a good 9 persons inside the craft.” [ibid]

The witness wondered why the craft’s occupants might be interested in the park/cemetery over which they hovered.

And she noted that she “was near power lines and … [and] seemed to hear noises as humming and peculiar sounds …. At one point there was one or two cars traveling [by] … [but] Others passing the scene did not seem to notice the ‘space craft’ … ” [Page 229]

Professor Billig made no conclusory comments, but from his “folie à deux” insertion, one can assume that his explanation of the incident would be psychological.

This is a report or tale that appears nowhere in UFO literature, except in the book, as it came to Professor Billig as a private letter.

There are hundreds of such episodes, as I’ve noted, many from the Albert Rosales’ Humanoid Encounter series of books and the Facebook UFO groups are replete with many like-accounts.

This is where we have to ask “what have such stories to do with the Tic-Tac AATIP videos or pending (non) “disclosure” report from U.S. agencies?”

The above offering was in 1972. Were there, then, advanced craft moving around or over mundane geographical areas, to be seen by members of the hoi-polloi?

Or are there a plethora of psychologically induced sightings and/or incidents that come under the rubric Distortion Theory? And if so, why?

We have a bifurcated raft of UFO sightings or reports, some with evidence such as video or camera images, even radar stimuli, and many that just seem to be an episode of psychic mischief, and a few actual reports of an actual happening that are as real as one can experience normally.

That is, we have evidenced events and hallucinatory-like accounts, from persons without psychological or neurological taint.

Which is it? Chimerae or hard-core, evidence-flush sightings?

Either way, the UFO phenomenon continues to intrude, remaining enigmatic now just as it was when crazy Ezekiel made a record for his Biblical chapter.



  • In regards to Distortion Theory, etc., recent reports describe the Russians (most likely) attacking American diplomats with microwaves(?) in a new Cold War onslaught.

    My conjecture is that maybe that's a clue that leads to what's going on with UFO witnesses, similar to the ones mentioned here: the victims suffer from the field-effects produced by whatever the tech is in these things they're encountering. Each person reacts differently to this zapping, and in many cases it scrambles brain circuits to the extent that reality, hallucination, and images from the victim's cultural milieu all become entwined.

    We know the (real) Russian weapon causes physical harm. In the case of a Space-Time engine (I made this up) powering a flying disc, its side-effects may target human brain cells in strange ways.

    The point of it all: cause and effect runs from the object to the person, not the other way around.

    By Blogger Ron, at Monday, June 07, 2021  

  • Ron, I do not believe that the distortion is due to a phenomenon associated with the field caused by UFO technology, because in fact, this same distortion has been observed in people for centuries who have had contact with this other reality and with other types of entities. I personally believe that it is a consequence of a mental state influenced or induced by this unknown cognitive phenomenon that we still do not understand but in which our socio-cultural filters (including supernatural beliefs) are involved..

    And as always, Rich, you make very interesting posts and observations....

    By Blogger jacarav@ca, at Monday, June 07, 2021  

  • Jose, substitute "saucer field-effect" with any number of things these entities might bring to their interactions with humans: atmosphere, telepathic probing, etc. Those more mentally sensitive might well pick up on that, with the same cloud of confusion ensuing.

    My non-scientific musings about cause and effect certainly can't compete, nor was it meant to, with distortion theory, which offers a much deeper and broader look into what's going on.

    By Blogger Ron, at Monday, June 07, 2021  

  • Ron We can agree on the existence of some kind of "field-effect" that surrounds the witness at the moment when the anomalous encounters occur, and that makes his psyche open to a cultural interpretation of a phenomenon that does not end up offering its real facet, beyond this interaction (feedback). It is very likely that the epicenter (the filter that makes us interpret) from which this phenomenology emerges is found in the psyche of the people who claim to have had some anomalous manifestation. What would have to be elucidated is whether the phenomena are incited from the outside by an external source, or somehow the witnesses are able, through an altered state of consciousness, to tune in to this occult reality. What is clear is that the scenography presented by the UFO phenomenon, especially in close encounters, is highly influenced by the human psyche, and both the aesthetics and the narrative, behaves to some extent as the dream universe, but placed on rails to maintain a minimum uniformity. But I would not take the risk of interpreting these "visions" as the covert action of the collective unconscious, as Jung did, because if we analyze the encounters one by one, we will see that the cultural filtering takes place at the individual level. And that is why the different incidents can hardly be fitted into a global plot, because the decodings are subjective and personalized.

    By Blogger jacarav@ca, at Monday, June 07, 2021  

  • I forgot to mention that another thing that got me going on this subject was the Defense Intelligence Agency's report to Congress where it listed various technical papers produced for AATIP, one of them being, "Clinical Medical Acute & Subacute Field Effects on Human Dermal & Neurological Tissues." The AATIP report and Russian microwave stories are the basis for my conjecture.

    By Blogger Ron, at Monday, June 07, 2021  

  • I think for most of us with a scientific background, the challenge of Jose's hypothesis is as great as a chimera !!! While the external-agent hypothesis somehow can be modeled with our current knowledge, I am not sure how we can work on the infinite ranges of reality-interpretation induced by the individual status of each UFO witness.In this context, the UFO phenomenon emerges in many unknown dimensions.

    Comparing this with the rather-limited reality of the tic-tacs .. makes one wonder what has happened to the UFO phenomenon ?

    Very good points from all the authors above ..

    By Blogger Stavrosh, at Monday, June 07, 2021  

  • Stavros my concept about the external agent does not limit the origin of the UFO phenomenon (close encounters) to existence, from what we generally understand by an entity or intelligent beings. I believe rather that we are faced with as Rich defines in some reports, a blind spot of understanding of Reality that goes beyond our ordinary perception. These highly immersive visions are related to "cursed" subjects for our mechanistic science and I think we have to look in that direction. Extraterrestrial life and similar theories about ultraterrestrials or time travelers have nothing to do with this fascinating enigma of perception and most likely altered states of consciousness.

    By Blogger jacarav@ca, at Monday, June 07, 2021  

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