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Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Books: A Matter of Scrutiny?

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I ordered these two books today, one an homage to John Mack, in the Kindle format, and the other about UFOs being “flown” by or derived from elementals (pixies, fairies, etc.) – something Brit David Clarke is in to:

I also found this book in my Kindle stash……(I hate Kindle. It doesn’t allow me to highlight text as I neurotically need to do.)

The problem with the books above – as far as I can tell from the Content pages – is that each of them includes a good UFO account alongside a bad (or questionable) UFO story or report.

This goes to the clutter problem in Ufology: garbage in…which stays in.

I’ll write more about the books, even the Kindle copies, in the next day or so. The new elemental-inclined buy will be here Wednesday [7/20].



  • I'll be interested in your take on the "elemental" angle in the Harran book. Also noted in David Clarke's bio is that he has "a lifelong interest in folklore and Fortean phenomena." I've been leery of going in that direction -- it strikes me as going through the Looking Glass -- but after reading Michael Swords' old blog on the subject think it's at least worth considering.

    By Blogger Ron, at Wednesday, July 21, 2021  

  • Book just now delivered. I'll be into it shortly, Ron, and will make notes here.

    I'm convinced, especially, after seeing a YouTube dialogue last night about Earth's reality... This by physicist Penrose.

    His view allows and supports, actually, my conjecture - sorry Dom - that this planet could harbor a paranormal species... For me the "gods" -- for others, elementals, Big Foot, and other things.

    Whether that is part of the UFO phenomenon is up for grabs.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Wednesday, July 21, 2021  

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