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Sunday, July 25, 2021

From Forbes: UAP (UFOs) and Common Sense


  • Some time ago in an article, Seth Shostak mentioned in passing that astronomers shouldn't be the go-to guys re: UFO sightings. I'm glad one journalist at least finally took him at his word.

    By Blogger Ron, at Sunday, July 25, 2021  

  • "Common Sense" Mmmmm?:

    Considering we except the speculation of extraterrestrials here on earth, one may consider, how do we communicate!?...THEY (extraterrestrials) may not understand our language, and WE, theirs?..

    I suggest, A "depiction of imagery" Since THEY (extraterrestrials) understand what they see, just as we do. This opinion, is nothing new.It is taking place right now, and has been for some time now, in the form of; [CropCircles]..

    Now, we know, or at least, some of us do,that "some" CropCircles, are made overnight by people; "Douge & Dave" I've heard said. BUT?....Not all CropCircles, are made by people overnight,Some,are that large, that it is next to impossible to have achieved in the dark, of one night!?...So what did?...Many people seem to think;..you guessed it:)...UFO are responsible, and communicating an imagery in CropCircles, that is understood by us..What is my point?..Just THAT! "Common Sense" If people didn't make all the CropCircles, then..

    What did?....World wide!!........?

    By Blogger Daniel, at Sunday, July 25, 2021  

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