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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

My pal Nick Pope says that if ETs invaded Earth, they'd kick our ass



  • "The idea that . . . there could possibly be alien spaceships whizzing about undetected in our atmosphere on a regular basis is not I think very plausible."

    I'm sure Lady Goldy said this with measured, soothing tone of voice and great earnestness. It would be hard to deny the truth to her words, if one didn't already know that folks like her lie through their teeth when it suits. You do have to admire their lock-step consistency on the subject.

    They will never, even under penalty of death, admit otherwise. Ever.

    By Blogger Ron, at Wednesday, July 28, 2021  

  • IF....We were to be invaded by ETs/UFO,it would have already taken place, but considering the IQ of ETs...Perhaps an invasion, not as we expect!?..

    For example; I've heard, some time ago, that they (ETs) are already down here in amongst us! This to me, means, they're human, or at least, "Bipedal!"..

    Would not this be a form of invasion? But we don't know it, and if we did, or believed it, it could cause a social-unrest, leading to "paranoia"..

    This! "could be preciely" what governments of the world, do not want us to know, or even consider....Could we even deal with it??..IF, we've already been invaded, in this way!?........?

    By Blogger Daniel, at Wednesday, July 28, 2021  

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