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Monday, July 26, 2021

My sometimes friend Philip Mantle put this on Facebook 7/26/21

It's a Foo Fighter report from WWII:

Mouse over the image to see it as large it was online. (Or print it off to read it better.)



  • Throughout WWII, Yes, They were called; "Foo Fighters" From who knows where..

    Today, we call them; "Drones" Extremely Good for "Photography"

    But Drones or "Foo Fighters" as it was known in WWII,would come very close to a bomber,the engines would fail, and down she'd go....everyone out!!..

    Was this away of showing us:....."Stop what your doing, you fools"..

    Like what they did over the "nuclear-silos" in the..US.& Russia!?..

    Remember,they may not speak our language!?....What would you do?..........?

    By Blogger Daniel, at Monday, July 26, 2021  

  • Hello Rich,

    The whole story of this document is here: http://www.project1947.com/articles/foosolv.htm

    This fascinating observation is also described in the excellent book about the Foo Fighters phenomenon : Strange Company written by Keith Chester.

    Cheers from Montreal!


    By Blogger Hessdalenlights, at Tuesday, July 27, 2021  

  • Grazie, Julien.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Tuesday, July 27, 2021  

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