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Monday, July 26, 2021

Posted on FB, 7/26/21 (I grabbed it for Daniel)



  • Well...there is a first time for everything, but as for the "strange ash" that was seen falling down; I've seen on two occasions,something similar,only what I had seen, was likened to a bunch of "cobwebs" falling down, all over the place.
    Thinking this was a we bit strange, having never seen this before,thought maybe the wind had disturbed "cobwebs" in some nearby Pin-trees,and never thought much about it,other than it was a we bit strange..

    The second time, a few years later, elsewhere...The same thing again!?......?
    This time I was quick off the mark, to snatch a bunch as they fell. To my surprise, as I was looking at them in my hand, they slowly appeared to dissolve or melt away, if you like...."Cobwebs" don't do this as a rule,so being troubled by this,I grabbed a bunch more, quickly put them in a small container I had nearby....and you can guess.....Later, on opening, NOTHING!!....?

    Hahaha! What can you do?..

    In the years that followed, I discovered, I wasn't the only one to see these "cobwebs" that float down in abundance, and dissolve or melt away. What I learnt
    was, Thay are called; (Angel-Hair) Don't ask me why,don't know!?..

    I wonder if what the children saw in that report, was...(Angel-Hair)

    The little I remember was,it had something to do with "UFO waste-material"

    Other than that,don't know....(Angel-Hair).....?

    By Blogger Daniel, at Monday, July 26, 2021  

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