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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Ready for Dr. Harran’s book: Who Are They, Really?

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Right off the bat, in the Forward, Sociologist Sylvie Joubert writes that “Daniel Harran [thinks Earth] is … a permanent home to nonhuman entities, which … he calls ‘Interdimensional Manifestations’ or IDIMs.” [Page 11]  Sorry Dom

A paragraph down she continues, “Dr. Harran does not claim that all reported experiences are interactions with nonhuman, intelligent elementals, but he puts forth the possibility that there are two different sources of UFO phenomena: one that is earthbound and interdimensional, embodied by nature beings with surprising abilities, and the other that is extraterrestrial.”  [ibid]

So, here we go, Ron (and gang)….we’re off and running.

Image atop from the CBC web page



  • "[T]here are two different sources of UFO phenomena."

    The paranormal was always lurking on the boundaries of ufology. Somewhere along the way a perceived weakness to the original ET theory opened the door to another explanation. The interesting thing is that the two can apparently co-exist simultaneously.

    For Earth not being anything special in the grand scheme of the universe, we seem to be suffering an embarrassment of riches. Let's see where this goes.

    By Blogger Ron, at Wednesday, July 21, 2021  

  • Yes!...It's interesting, but nothing really new. I think the Navy has been, and still is, aware of this, just not sure of the detail, thus, not talking.

    Ufology for along time, has been aware of this,and commented in the past,on underground Bases, in the mountains, under the sea at great depth, and such as lakes.

    This would explain the sightings of USOs by many,such as the Navy, world wide!?

    It has been said, they have been here for along time, but in the beginning, where did they come from?This leads to the thought of extraterrestrials,from elsewhere, and in the past, perhaps, may have been seen as....the gods.

    Wouldn't it have been interesting, to read what was in "Alexanders-Library" that was burned down??....What fools in history!:[.............?

    By Blogger Daniel, at Wednesday, July 21, 2021  

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