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Thursday, August 19, 2021

The Kelly-Hopkinsville incident

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Most of you surely know this story. My buddy, Kevin Randle, has two extensive reports about the tale at his site – kevinrandle.blogspot.com – where you’ll get an encapsulation about it, with Kevin’s usual scrupulous details that no one else has taken the time to ferret out.
I find the event interesting, not because it represents an ET invasion of odd, little creatures thought to have landed near the witnesses farmhouse, but because it represents an example of mass – in this case, group – delirium, subacute delirium, actually, a delusional moment imposed upon the witnesses, in toto,  because of their familial interactions and relationships.
 No one ever subjected the participants to a psychiatric observation or even thought to do so. (Rarely, if at all, has anyone in Ufology looked at psychological manifestations as a possible explanation for witness accounts, with and without, encounters)
The dynamics within this iconic account are rabidly psychological or a real event as described/reported by the participants, the reality open to question for a  number of obvious reasons.
There has never been an account with such described activity – gun shots hitting the entities, with no result and the total absence of any evidence for the supposed appearance of such a small army of intruders, harassing or attacking the witnesses of their arrival.
A bevy of owls and/or alcohol (beer) have been suggested as the cause of the scenario but discounted as Kevin reports. But alcohol could have been a trigger, for the psychotic-like atmosphere and ultimate activity.
Doesn’t it seem that a wave of delusional hysteria is more likely to explain the episode than the idea that attacking owls or little green creatures from space caused the ruckus?

(I wasn't able to find any encounters where the creature(s) had similar appearances, but my memory seems to recall a sighting during the 1954 French wave in which the entity was somewhat like these.)

Let me know your thinking.


  • Greg Newkirk at Planet Weird posted a series of follow-up articles on this encounter which were very interesting. But that got turned into the TV documentary series "Hellier," which went totally off the rails crazy. Whether the family members were having an "episode" or whether they indeed saw something strange, I wouldn't have wanted to have been around them that night.

    After once reading about this case, I happened to catch a YouTube video taken by someone investigating strange sounds in a friend's attic. Turned out to be a pair of baby barn owls, and those things under those circumstances are the scariest things you'd ever want to see.

    By Blogger Ron, at Thursday, August 19, 2021  

  • Ron:

    I find the story, activity, interesting in that it has all the hallmarks of a medieval attack by demons, as painted by Bosch.

    The critters have antecedents in art and literature and I'm sure Jose Caravaca has accounts that he could offer to make the point.

    Now, was the attack a recreation, in actuality, of such a demonic "recreation" or was it an attack of little ETs out to have fun at the expense of some human underlings?

    Or was it a residual manifestation of a delusional hysteria like those I've noted from the lore? That is, did the farm folk -- at least one -- have a regurgitation of a Bosch painting that infected those with him or her, within the confines and parameters of a temporary psychotic episode?

    I think I can make a case for the latter.

    It surely wasn't owls or ETs, or a hoax. But it does have, for those familiar with the literature of wayward entities, the smell of such an event, which has to be put down as a psychotic -- in not the psychiatric sense -- event that took hold of the group (the witnesses).

    I have a new piece from the current New Yorker -- "Is it good to always be rational" -- that may offer a way for you fellows to see my opinion.

    It's a slide into Ockham's razor, using psychological asides that I realize most of you aren't familiar with or acceptable to, but there it is....

    (Where's my one-time corrective visitor, Matty, when we could use his erudition to help me out?)


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Thursday, August 19, 2021  

  • Here's the video. I don't suggest this was what was going on in Hopkinsville, rather an example of how startling an encounter can be, before your eyes and mind snap into focus as to what you're seeing. (Even after, kind of unsettling.) I'd imagine an even sharper reaction if the surroundings were dark, etc., or the observer(s) were somehow impaired:


    By Blogger Ron, at Thursday, August 19, 2021  

  • Thanks, Ron...

    I'll give it a view.

    The event may have just been a significant misperception of something almost rare or unusual.

    (The boys did have a few beers it seems.)


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Friday, August 20, 2021  

  • Hey Rich

    You might want to get Hal Albarelli's book,"A Terrible Mistake." A huge book (close to 900 pages, I think). It's all about the MK-Ultra/Frank Olsen story. But, there are various parts on UFOs, paranormal phenomena, Betty and Barney Hill and more, but in the context of MK-Ultra exoeriments, rather than aliens etc. And Kelly-Hopkinsville is in there, too.

    By Blogger Nick Redfern, at Friday, August 20, 2021  

  • Thanks, Nick,

    900 pages? My kinda book.

    That damn MK- ultra. It has been everywhere, and still is?


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Friday, August 20, 2021  

  • I have always been intrigued by the Hopkinsville incident precisely because it doesn’t seem like a UFO encounter at all. It is entirely something else. If it weren’t for fleeting mention of a meteor sighting earlier on the evening of the attack, there wouldn’t be any UFO connection at all. I agree with the earlier commenter who says the incident resembles a medieval demonic siege more than anything else. Interestingly the Hopkinsville victims were very religious, yet they themselves did not make a demonic connection. Not being religious myself, I don’t believe they were besieged by demons…but I do believe something really happened to these people that went beyond a shared hysteria. As for alcohol being a trigger, I have come across many accounts that flatly dispute this. The victims were said to be (mostly) teetotalers, and several of the family members present had actually travelled a distance to attend a fiery religious revival event earlier that day!
    So, deeply religious people set upon by some mysterious creatures/monsters then completely fail to make any evil/satanic/demonic connection. Something distant in the sky at a much earlier time of day is very tenuous link to UFO/Alien interaction.
    Whether psychologically, psychiatrically,or physically…what are we to make of this??
    Absolutely fascinating.

    By Blogger Geo, at Thursday, September 09, 2021  

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