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Sunday, August 01, 2021

The many configurations of UFOs

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Yes, the many images of flying saucers, UFOs, and now UAP have been outlined dozens of times in the literature.
But the matter needs consensus or deeper consideration. After all, it’s the observations of UFOs we mostly deal with, as the technical data is either rarified or scant.
No matter the source of the phenomenon, that source bespeaks of a diversity that doesn’t make sense.
Are there a number of variable sources sending UFOs our way? That is, as the Eters would have it, UFOs or extraterrestrial space craft are showing up here with many configurations, multiple constructs.
The ET explanation would seem to offer that various visitations come from many different planetary civilizations. Or one advanced civilization makes and flies all kinds of strange craft, each fitting a different “community” within that civilization, suggesting a diverse democracy, interdependent on one hand but independent when it comes to traveling outward into the Cosmos, sort of like the Bezos, Musk, Branson attempts here.
Even if UFOs come from future time, their shapes differ to a point that would indicate they are not coming from the same era, but from many eras.
The plentitude of UFO styles has always been interesting and continues to this day as the AATIP UAP things vary: some looking like Tic-Tac gum, others like gimbals, some with a cube configuration, and then some with just a round, lighted shape.
We can’t project, on our odd visitors, our engineering aesthetics, especially if they are extraterrestrials – their evolution and thought would be radically different from ours --  and travelers from time wouldn’t seem likely to have moved beyond Ockham’s engineering resolutions to a point where every craft created to go back (or forward) in time would be so queerly different.
The variety of UFO shapes, and behavior too, tells us something about the essence of the phenomenon, but what?
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  • Well, maybe. I see three basic shapes:(1) Saucer shape ("two pie plates connected rim to rim") with a "belt" of lights; (2) Cigar shape; (3) Triangle shape with lights along edges. All of the other illustrations are exactly that: images drawn after the fact by a witness or a 2nd party....which allows for misimpressions, adding and subtracting details; poor visibility; duration of sighting; distance of object from observer, and dozens of other problems. So we don't have to account for 50 or 75 different shapes. What we don't have interesting enough, or if we do I've missed it, is a photo of EXACTLY the same shape/craft from two different cameras at two different times at two different locations. The Heflin craft/photos have always fascinated me (and the photo-analysis fascinates) BUT I can't recall that EXACT same UFO (whatever it was) being photographed elsewhere. Strange.

    By Blogger Dominick, at Sunday, August 01, 2021  

  • Assuming these are tangible objects, their arrival may affect witnesses' minds, each witness manifesting their own vision. This messing of minds could either be a side effect or an active measure, screening the object's true identity.

    It's also worth considering whether many of these forms have been seeded into the zeitgeist by bad actors here on Earth, looking to misinform and confuse.

    By Blogger Ron, at Sunday, August 01, 2021  

  • Either the diverse UFO configurations "prove" the skeptics' adage that witness accounts are faulty -- an "adage" I eschew whenever it's applied -- or they appear as recorded/seen.

    Or there is, in fact, a conglomeration of UFOs showing up, in our skies or via hallucinations, or even as Caravaca's scenario of Distortion.

    At any rate, UFOs, for me, have appeared and are appearing in a plethora of configurations, which tell us something, if we're bright enough to gage the sinificance.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Sunday, August 01, 2021  

  • Just look at our own, variety of transportation....No different!?.... And in addition, new Tech: Maybe?..

    What I would find more interesting, would be where all this comes from? Wouldn't that be a sight to behold!?............

    By Blogger Daniel, at Sunday, August 01, 2021  

  • Not necessarily, Rich. The fact is that a very high percentage of UFO reports are made at night. I think that most people can distinguish saucers from cigars and triangles; and most can tell whether there are "lights" around the middle or along the leading edges. But beyond that, I would not stake my life on the details of a single witness at night. But the absence of reliable photos of the same daylight object from two different cameras in two different locations does bother me.

    By Blogger Dominick, at Sunday, August 01, 2021  

  • I wonder, Dom, if there have been any photos of a UFO from different locations or different cameras.

    I'll post a query at some of the FB UFO groups I'm signed into.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Sunday, August 01, 2021  

  • There were multiple and concurrent videos shot of the Mexico City UFOs during the flaps of 1991.

    By Blogger Ron, at Monday, August 02, 2021  

  • BTW, here's an interesting "he said, he said" column:

    By Blogger Ron, at Monday, August 02, 2021  

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