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Tuesday, September 07, 2021

A mish-mash of J. Allen Hynek’s Encounters listings

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Sunday night [9/6], I caught a Travel Channel special about the Encounters of (various) kinds, created by J. Allen Hynek.
The listings were expanded beyond Professor Hynek’s traditional category Encounters of the Third Kind and ended up being beyond a rational pale.
I should have written down the designated categorical Encounter titles but didn’t because they were so outside a circle of sanity, ending with Encounters of the Hybrid Kind preceded by Encounters of the sexual kind, the mutilated kind and Encounters of the absurd kind…..all fantasies of the persons thinking,  believing they had indeed been kidnapped by aliens [ETs] and taken to UFOs for various kinds of scrutiny, mostly medical.
Even Calvin Parker’s odd, but seemingly authentic “capture” was showcased, only to be diminished by Calvin saying it happened to him again in the 1990s.
The people recording their bizarre and insane (to me) experiences did not example what anyone, including psychiatrists and psychol- ogists, would see or suggest is mental illness or sociopathic way- wardness – persons conning those to whom they are relating the events they recall, usually under hypnosis.
(No wonder persons like my pal Claude Falkstrom and others rebuke the practice or use of hypnotism as a tool to ferret out truths hidden in the unconscious.)
Yes, most of the “experiencers” really had or have, or seem to, queer activity that they think actually happened to them, as ridiculous as that activity appears to the rest of us (normal) folks.
But the “event” or “phenomena” they think they were part of, an integral part of, is an obtuse illusion thrust upon them for some reason or reasons that have not been undertaken by professionals who deal with the mind or brain.
Those accepting the “activity” as real – such as the eminent John Mack (and others) – are themselves partly captured by the illusion, because it is so forcefully presented, sometimes with evidentiary-like by products: scars, embedded shards of material, wounds, and the like, all not  very substantial as artifacts or bruises by an advanced species from outer space but accepted as such.
(P.T. Barnum knew how to create such acceptance in the minds of those who visited his wildly popular sideshows in the 100s. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/P._T._Barnum)
Of course no extraterrestrial visitors to this planet are mutilating cows or people or having sex with humans and debasing them medically for obscene purposes or their own perpetuality.
First off, because ETs are not visiting Earth and if they were, they’d be closer to madness and mental aberration than anything extant on Earth, now or ever (and this is a planet that produced an Adolf Hitler and his ilk).
Whatever is providing UFO abductees (experiencers) with the mental or created residue from which their accounts derive should be studied, if only to add to the many mad or insane accounts already cluttering textbooks, psychiatric journals, and fictive tales of horror.
Some find the renderings entertaining. Me? I find them intellec- tually distressing but empathetically enticing. Nothing more and nothing less.


  • I thought close encounters stopped at five, with Greer's nutso signaling and getting a response. The only addition to the original three should be unambiguous provable contact, but since UFOs are as much Hollywood as Beta Reticuli, and everybody loves lists, well, there you go.

    ". . . because ETs are not visiting Earth and if they were, they’d be closer to madness and mental aberration than anything extant on Earth, now or ever . . ."

    The concept of "alien" is misunderstood by most since it's based on old sci-fi movie tropes. Maybe the weirdest, craziest reports of visitation (from whatever they are) are the most accurate?

    By Blogger Ron, at Wednesday, September 08, 2021  

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