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Thursday, September 09, 2021

Are we food for ETs?

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For the sake of (odd) discussion, let me suggest that extrater- restrials are visiting this planet and have been for a long while – both premises I dismiss, as you know.
Citing something I’ve noted here a few times, let me proceed.
We humans are the alleged dominant species on Earth, and we have eaten and continue to eat all forms of sentient life here, those on land, in the sea, and in the air…even each other in some circumstances.

We also gorge ourselves on plant life, which has its own form of sentience.
Visiting aliens (ETs) could not but help see this.
Have they tried vittles from our menu, including mankind itself? (There are a number of societies, groups, and individuals that have gone missing mysteriously.)
Are those seemingly mad abductees, who claim they’ve been “medically” examined by ETs, actually served as samples for the proposed visitors?
(There are, I assume, many sci-fi stories with this theme. Ron and a few other regulars might provide some titles.)
[Cartoon above from cit_hidamari for TV Tropes]


  • A few SF stories of this sort come to mind:

    "To Serve Mankind" from the old "Twilight Zone" TV series, where humans are decidedly prime beef. There are too numerous to mention C-movies as well, where humans are not delicacies so much as fast food.

    The more prevalent theme is actually blood harvesting. "The Thing From Another World," "Queen of Blood," and "Not of This Earth" are examples.

    In more recent times, the space vampire theme, relating to energy sucking rather than blood, has been popular. See "Lifeforce."

    The trend has been for our alien overlords to have gone keto.

    By Blogger Ron, at Thursday, September 09, 2021  

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