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Sunday, September 26, 2021

Football post-games analysis shows and UFO discussions

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Ron’s comment in the posting just before this one brings to my mind how UFOs are discussed, when compared to something as dopey as the programs following football games where some former players and/or coaches riff on what took place on the field in games they just watched.
The guys really dig deep into what transpired, or didn’t, during the four quarters of football that their TV network just provided for fans.
The big plays and those seemingly inconsequential faux pas or twists are given full analysis or note as if the world’s history depended upon the activity.
Now you and I (and Ron) have seen UFO conferences or table-talk about UFO sightings (some significant, some not) where the phenomenon is treated rather cavalierly or dismissively, the talkers or panelists more interested in trying to appear profound or significant, the UFO episode taking a back seat to the ego-romp.
Football fans are even loonier that UFO enthusiasts, football taking hold of people in ways that seem crazy – after all what does a fan have to do with the game itself, other than, like the ancient Romans cheering for their favorite gladiator, shouting for players who couldn’t care less for persons waving towels or D-Fence symbols.
My point? If UFOs were discussed with such animation and in such detail as that which football jocks employ, maybe a few sightings might get the explanation that lies within their appearance(s).
After all, UFOs are more important than any sport event, yes?


  • UFOs are the football equivalent of a tie game. There's never a resolution to rejoice to or suffer from. They aren't really fun, and they don't inspire a sense of community. There's not even a team logo you can wear on your jersey (not counting Socorro). It's why Mulder was a loner, and there are no UFO betting pools at work. Unless you're in an abductee support group, you're pretty much on your own.

    In ufology, there are too many experts. They'd rather head-bump than chest-bump, and there's not much reason to share a pizza and a brewski.

    By Blogger Ron, at Sunday, September 26, 2021  

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