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Friday, September 03, 2021

John Greenewald (again)


Because I viewed a Black Vault YouTube posting the other night, a new one popped up 9/2 on my Sony TV YouTube app. (John's offering is linked above.)

In this show by my pal John Greenewald, he interviews a fellow, named Andrew, who uploaded, to Reddit, some Phoenix Lights photos that he (Andrew) took the night of the 1997 sightings, photos which had never been seen before (forgotten by Andrew until recently).

The photos were initially received excitedly by most of Reddit's UFO contingent but eventually started receiving accusations of hoaxing and fraud.

John's interview with Andrew establishes for John (and me) the apparent honesty of Andrew but a scrutiny of the photos, which Andrew sent copies of to John, proved contentious, or so it seemed to John (and me, and plenty of hopping angry Reddit UFOers).

You can take a look at John's posting and decide, for yourself, if the photos have merit(s) and if the new find is worthy of more attention.



  • The witness describes the lights moving independently before forming up into a triangle formation. That would match the skeptics' take of it being a flight of multiple (A-10) aircraft flying over the valley. The light formation is asymmetrical as shown, not what you'd expect from a single craft (maybe even an alien one). One question: wouldn't each aircraft have multiple running lights instead of one large one? I'm not familiar with USAF practice when it comes to formation flying at night, but that alone seems odd.

    By Blogger Ron, at Friday, September 03, 2021  

  • I haven't seen the reports of independent lights. Formation flights would commonly if not certainly have position lights over a city at night, I believe.

    Possible night vision?? Not likely if there were any lights that would overtake flir use.


    By Blogger Bryan Daum, at Friday, September 03, 2021  

  • This from Robert Sheaffer via "The Skeptical Inquirer," July/August 2016:

    "Because [the A-10s] were flying in formation mode, they did not have on their familiar blinking collision lights but instead their formation lights, which look like landing lights (in any case, Federal Aviation Administration rules concerning private and commercial aircraft lights, flight altitudes, etc., do not apply to military aircraft)."

    He may be right, but considering the source I'd want to see confirmation of this from elsewhere. Be that as it may, the photos under discussion, whatever their provenance, are another example of a subject that refuses to be defined or cornered.

    By Blogger Ron, at Saturday, September 04, 2021  

  • In case anyone is interested, here's more on A-10 lighting. Make of it what you will.


    By Blogger Ron, at Saturday, September 04, 2021  

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