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Sunday, September 05, 2021

Missing Time and No, it’s not the product of alien [UFO] abduction

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My youngest son, Josh, the neuroscientist, who’s spending the Labor Day holiday with us, brought me a pile of papers about amnesia, many to do with Global Transient Amnesia syndrome and a slew about amnesia generally; temporary amnesia the gist of what I’m interested in.
The papers elucidate the causes of amnesia and what transpires during bouts of the syndrome.
As you know, most, if not all, alien abductee experiencers took over the missing time accounts of early UFO witnesses, relating that missing time for those who’ve suffered it came about from being “kidnapped” by UFO occupants, alien entities or beings.
Yet, those who’ve awakened from an amnesiacal attack generally remember nothing of what happened to them while they were “gone.” (I’ll provide excerpts from the papers and material Josh gave me and will put it online here in a follow-up.)
It appears then that the accounts of alien probes and encounters proffered by abductees are insertions of a created kind, not memories of actual happenings or even memory disguised events, the accounts being falsified or fictive products brought about by a number of reasons, some not so ethical or sociably amenable to renditions of truth.
I’ll do something here and at my Academia.edu account about the reasons for the sociopathic thrusts that have accumulated as real occasions, and taken some naïve investigators away, into a contrived belief system which they mistakenly accept as true.
None are. Not one.


  • RR:

    The transient global amnesia phenomenon is fascinating. For a long time I've thought that if it weren't for the testimonies of encountering strange lights and "craft" prior to the missing time sequences I'd assume such unaccountable periods were purely pathological in nature. As it happens I've always found the strange experiences reported to occur before missing-time episodes to be much more interesting than the nonsense that's "retrieved" (manufactured) through hypnosis.


    By Blogger Martin Black, at Monday, September 06, 2021  

  • I like the definitive statement at the end, Rich. I wish there were more to be made in this crazy field.

    By Blogger Ron, at Monday, September 06, 2021  

  • Me too, Ron.

    There are so many intriguing facets to our hobby: it's almost overwhelming, almost.

    The scientific Theory of Everything is a mathematical construct and if we had such a theory, we wouldn't have much more than we do now, in the paranormal scheme of things.

    Life is a fascinating thing, full of surprising things that most people never give a nod to, wrapped up in the mundane.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Monday, September 06, 2021  

  • This is quite interesting, I agree. Nevertheless, it should be pointed out that there have been many recorded alien abduction cases without missing time ie the victim remembered all, or most, of the abduction. Folklorist Thomas Bullard pointed out that the remembered accounts, and those retrieved under hypnosis, all follow the same format. Furthermore, even when missing time occurs, there is frequently a memory of the beginning and end. Thus, in the first recorded case, Betty and Barney Hill had a CE3 experience ie they witnessed a landed UFO, with occupants, up close. The next thing they knew they were driving down the road, and they had lost a substantial period of time. Are we supposed to believe that they both suffered bouts of transient amnesia, which began and ended at the same time?

    By Blogger Malcolm Smith, at Tuesday, September 14, 2021  

  • Yes, Malcolm...

    Two individuals (or more!) can experience transient amnesia, at the same time, for a number of neurological or psychological reasons.

    However, I do think, and have noted so many times I'm sick of writing it, that the Hills seem to have experienced an odd and frightening event, a traumatic event.

    That it involved extraterrestrial beings is a stretch for me, and I've also explained why a number of times here and elsewhere.

    But the alleged epidemic of recent so-called abductions is almost farcical, if the experiences weren't so convinced of their "kidnappings."

    The accounts need more attention and investigation, surely.

    It's a mind-thing not an ET-thing. Sorry.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Tuesday, September 14, 2021  

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