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Thursday, September 02, 2021

Not about UFOs (or UAP) but interesting to some here I hope

I finally received this book Wednesday [9/1].

The author, Robert Conner suggests that the Gospel writers used the ghost tales that circulated among the Greco-Roman people at the time the New Testament literature was being written as "the basis for the resurrection accounts" that make up the Biblical stories we have come to know.

For me (a former seminarian), as some of you know, the Jesus story is basic to my under- standing of the Christ phenomenon, and this book will factor in my Substack pages, as an Epilogue, about the deviant non-god (Yahweh) who came to be God for the early Israelites and then the whole of Jewish, Christian, ad Islamic faiths.

It also, I think, will be interesting to my pal Paul Kimball who is an avid ghost chaser and a few others who also believe, as I do, that Jesus actually lived, died, and Resurrected.

The Shroud of Turin is evidence for me of Jesus' death and (perhaps) his miraculous back-to-life metamorphosis.

I've inserted this side-bar for Paul, Martin Black, and maybe Dan and Ron who frequent here and seem inclined to be interested in matters of Faith.

(The rest of you will surely forgive me.)



  • The Shroud remains a Great Mystery; to this day I've not heard any convincing counters to its authenticity, which includes the (bogus) carbon-14 dating. I imagine the Church would rather live with the mystery than roll the dice and authorize a final, definitive test. As with the supposed Ark of the Covenant residing in an Ethiopian church, I guess we're meant to take it all on faith.

    By Blogger Ron, at Thursday, September 02, 2021  

  • Mmmmmm!..."FAITH"...OR..."BELIEF"

    Which do you choose?..

    In the Bible, it says that God made the first two humans; [Adam & Eve] right?

    Adam & Eve, had two sons; [Cain & Able] They each begotten unto them, a wife, yes?..

    Where I ask, did the wives come from, if there were only four humans on earth, at that time!?....?

    This only goes to show us, that; [Adam & Eve] were not the first two humans on earth, as the Bible reads, while archaeology is finding artifacts, that date back many thousands of years, and in some cases, millions of years or more..

    Maybe, "Mars" has something to do with it, because the Bible dosn't add up, does it. But I too, believe that Jesus actually lived, died, and Resurrected.

    But what was going on, - on earth, before Christ came to earth BC? That's my question.Just look at the Pyramids for example, Stone Henge, Giant Stones some 30ft.long weighing over a thousand tons,some eight hundred tons, in Baalbek Lebanon, a Huge Stone weighing 3-4000tons in Siberian Mountains Russia, & the seven wonders of the world, & so on. What would Jesus have had to say, about all these. He must have known all this, and yet, many of us, do not know of these things, thus, on a different level of thought...........

    By Blogger Daniel, at Friday, September 03, 2021  

  • Thanks, Rich. I will seek it out.


    By Blogger Unknown, at Saturday, September 04, 2021  

  • RR:

    Thanks for this interesting post. You may be interested in a book that considers Christ's resurrection with a view to the possibility that the resurrection narrative was based on encounters with apparitions of Jesus (the book ultimately reaches the conclusion that He rose bodily): Jesus’ Resurrection and Apparitions: A Bayesian Analysis by Jake H. O'Connell.


    By Blogger Martin Black, at Monday, September 06, 2021  

  • Oh BTW: you never emailed me your Substack.

    By Blogger Martin Black, at Monday, September 06, 2021  

  • Thanks, Martin, for the O'Connell book suggestion. (I'm ordering it today.)

    I thought I sent the Substack access to you. (A twinge of dementia on my part?) Will provide it today.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Monday, September 06, 2021  

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