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Sunday, September 12, 2021

Skeptics: Get with the Program!

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Sane skeptics, and there are a few, would do well to accept the reality of UFOs (UAP even) and take their time and insights towards refuting obvious mad (foolish) UFO events and sightings, and there are many of those to conjure with.
The jig is up and UFOs are a palpable phenomenon. To continue to indicate otherwise is madness of a dementia kind.
But some accounts – and I think there are quite a few – fly in the face of actuality and bona fide skeptics, like Robert Sheaffer, Lance Moody, Curt Collins (is he really skeptical?), or “Zoam Chomsky” could and should chew on those, concentrating on current reports. (The old sightings are tattered enough.)
Facebook alone is awash in nonsense., with enough insane input to keep a psychiatric team busy for months, maybe even years.

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  • I would expect there are disinformation agents spread amongst the skeptical community (not necessarily the folks you mentioned), but even those independent of that have nothing to offer the field other than calling everything a hoax or misidentification. They (sometimes) talk about finding the truth, but what truth have they discovered about the enigma except that it's not an enigma to them. I look upon most of them this way:


    By Blogger Ron, at Sunday, September 12, 2021  

  • Skeptics shrug off or ignore the role that disinformation has played in this whole drama. Government influence doesn't exist in their already neatly compiled dogma. That alone should set off warning sirens. Couple government culpability with skeptical shortsightedness and the self-righteous streak that comes with it, and it makes a formidable opponent to finding the truth.

    By Blogger Ron, at Monday, September 13, 2021  

  • RR & Ron,

    The Navy/Air Force acknowledgements of the UAP/UFO -and USOs- now present a choice of the skeptics to move on or modify their stance but they are silent.

    Of course Covid-19 is a myth...


    By Blogger Bryan Daum, at Monday, September 13, 2021  

  • Very funny Bryan...

    But everything's a myth, yes?


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Monday, September 13, 2021  

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