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Thursday, September 02, 2021

That John Greenewald (Black Vault)

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A YouTube “program” from John Greenewald popped up on my TV last night (9/1).
It was a show he did – I didn’t see the date it first showed up online – about a 1949 FBI memo he discovered during a FOIA request.
(He noted that the memo had circulated before, online, but it wasn’t well-known or highly publicized.)
The memo was from an FBI field agent to J. Edgar Hoover and contained some interesting UAP [sic] sightings, one from Eastern Airlines pilots and passengers and some from observations over Los Alamos.
In the references to the things seen (and evaluated) was the term Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, used as the sobriquet for flying disks and flying saucers for the period, 1949.
John pointed out that the term was not new obviously, being used so long ago, which brings me to my point: UAP, as used today, opens the door to any goofy thing seen in the sky, UFO enthusiasts gathering a slew of vapid oddities above their heads.
(Facebook sends me, as it does for a few of you regulars here also, notifications that something new has been posted there from members of UFO groups I joined – silly me.)
Anyway, the UAP designation, as used today (2021), has invigorated foggy newbies with a UFO interest, causing them to list or show photos – rafts of them – of every meaningless piece of anything floating overhead. I get FB notifications of those flippant listings.
While a few – very few – are interesting and truly odd, most are blatant observations or photos of obvious mundane things, some tangible and many meteorological.
Fellow Facebookers “liking” the postings merely acclimate the persons providing such flotsam to attention, which causes them to input more of the same, flooding the UFO field with a slew of crap, muddying the UFO waters more than it ever was in its zippy heyday.

So, Paul Kimball’s plaint here, in a recent comment that the UFO environment is the same-old, same-old, is a little off the mark, it’s actually much worse.
The lunatics have taken control of the institution.

(Cartoon image of Facebooker is by ElfabriX for m.facebook.com)



  • Those seeking a rational center to the enigma find it harder to do so these days. I feel for the true researchers who have to fight to have their voices heard. (When the networks want to interview experts, they always overlook them.) But chaos and bombast is hard to beat, ratings- or clicks-wise.

    And it's not just the fringies that have to be filtered out, but also those skeptics who continue to claim relevance while producing their own pap. (One FB group discussing the latest Walton mess hosts a debunker breaking an arm to pat himself on the back, with a desperate, psychotic-like insistence that his theories have been vindicated.)

    Process stories have always overwhelmed the core issue, and that's a shame.

    By Blogger Ron, at Thursday, September 02, 2021  

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