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Sunday, September 12, 2021

This came as a notification from a Reddit group I follow: Glitch in the Matrix

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Three different people saw me with the same child, I was alone

“Yesterday I went to have a drink with friends in the afternoon in a family friendly open air restaurant. I went there after working in my studio, alone. I have kids but they were not with me. Three people in different moments asked me about the kid I came holding hands with, they saw him clearly, saw me arriving with him, talking to him and told me what he was wearing, they all saw the same. I was alone, my youngest (who would have been the kid) was at home.”


Most of you can relate a story something like it, and maybe even have experienced something similar.


In my earlier posting about possible perceptions of glitches in the imagined Matrix we are allegedly part of – strictly a bizarre conjecture at the moment – I’ve noted that I have had snatches of things that seem artificial and/or algorithmic.

The Reddit account above is more substantial and acceptable as a kind of mix-up in reality.


While neither my apparent perceptions of Matrix “mistakes” or the Reddit person’s odd experience tells us anything about UFOs or even reality, as I jotted about yesterday, both footnote that sometimes things happen to us which point to an overlay upon our everyday reality, that which we consciously experience or seem to.

How does one test for another reality, one alongside our perceived reality or the scrim of reality that actually encompasses our perceived reality.


Some visitors here don’t want to deal with such matters, indicating ir beclouds the UFO phenomenon, even though UFOs may themselves be glitches in a created super Matrix.

Let’s have at it. Anyone have insight(s) about this sidebar I keep inserting here?

N.B. Photo atop is from Sharon Ifeonoma blog.



  • A glitch, or are people instead having brain farts (pardon my scientific jargon)? What's more likely, the brain revealing secrets about its operations or the cosmos having a hiccup?

    I don't have an answer, Rich, but along with a possible UFO connection I see you're going for a unified field theory of reality. (I'm all for it.) You're a big game hunter, you are.

    By Blogger Ron, at Sunday, September 12, 2021  

  • I sat through a lecture this weekend in Ann Arbor [U of M] that messed up my thinking on Determinism and Free will -- the lecture was about Classical Reality vs Quantum Reality.

    The further I get immersed in Physic's attempt to find a Unified Field Theory and/or what kind of reality should we or can we expect, the more confusing everything becomes, Ronald.

    Sometimes less is more.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Monday, September 13, 2021  

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