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Thursday, October 14, 2021

A conjectural addendum to the Fermi Paradox allows UFOs to contain ETs

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This delightful video suggests various extraterrestrial possibilities in the Universe:
And while one of those suggestions is only an aside in it, a recent commentary I saw fleshed out the idea that if there were an advanced species (civilization) existing for a million years, or other protracted time-frame, it, perhaps, could have made it a goal to populate the known Universe, an idea that should delight Ancient Astronaut theorists.
The species would seed livable planets, and I extrapolate by offering that such a species would likely set up territorial “stations” where over-seers or “wardens” or observers could keep an eye on the seeded and developing new species (humankind).
Such a scenario allows for those “ubiquitous” and long-seen things called flying saucers or UFOs to be guardian visitors allotted by that million-year-old species.
The  Blinklist video linked above might spur you to accept, conjecturally, other ideas for an ET presence in Earth’s skies.


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