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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

That Tony Bragalia guy!

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Tony Bragalia and I go back a relatively long time. I posted his initial UFO forays at my blogs and web-sites.

We both splurged on the Kodak slides episode – thinking the guy who started the whole thing had something.

But as the ‘plot” unfolded, Tony and I both jumped ship, me before him and he after Curt Collins and Lance Moody, among others, discovered and disclosed the actual origin of the so-called alien slide.

Tony was infuriated with me, accusing me of trying to capitalize on the slide story and then castigating the accumulating evidence against the thing.

We had a temporary falling out, but resumed our friendship rather fully shortly thereafter.

Since then, as earlier in our palship, I present Tony’s materials and postings on his own web-site because I know he does actual research for his stories – one of the few in the UFO community who does actual research.

For instance, he’s suggested that the 1964 Socorro/Zamora sighting was a college prank.

I don’t think so, but he gathered enough “evidence” to make the case. His conjecture is possible – not probable for me, but possible, and not foolish by any means.

Recently is disclosed that the U.S. government and military [the DoD] had in its possession what they said was UFO debris. His FOI information was disputed but the latest book by Luis Elizondo confirms Tony’s information and validates his (Tony’s) disclosure and information.

Tony’s presentation just a week or so ago stirred the UFO community: it was about an assistant of Albert Einstein’s who reported she and the great man were at a military base and saw/communicated with (or tried to) with an alien survivor of a UFO crash, Roswell assumed to be the incident the assistant was referring to.

For me, Roswell is so scuttled by misinformation, hoaxing, and chicanery by Roswellians and UFO enthusiasts over the years and still that the interviewed story is perhaps beyond redemption. But I think Tony’s offering of the interview for our perusal and acceptance or denial is what he has always done via his “bombshell” postings.

Now it seems that a major TV news network – not Fox – wants to do a show with Tony about the matter. The news-team not as prejudiced against the possibility of the story as many in the UFO community have been.

This goes to the point of my support of Tony Bragalia and this posting: The guy should be taken seriously and adjudicated on his research, not disparaged out of hand as many UFO enthusiasts do with conjectures or “evidence” that goes against their biases.

Let me know your views, ad don’t come forward with ignorant rejoinders; they won’t see the light of day here.



  • My general views are already on record here. And although I have been critical of the Wright/A.E. story, people like Tony B. should NOT be discouraged from doing "research" and presenting their findings to a UFO audience and beyond. Unlike others here, I don't believe that further Roswell research is a mistake; not at all. Something fairly unique happend there in July of 1947 and I for one still remain curious about the facts.

    BUT, as Tony must know, the Wright/A.E. story is pretty far out there, even for us! In short, it is an extra-ordinary story with extra-ordianary claims about alien bodies and a crashed saucer...all observed first hand by the witness telling the story. But Tony is not just retelling the story; he is asking us to take it seriously. Yet when we do research for a controversial topic like observed aliens and a crashed saucer, we are obligated to offer some substantiation, some corroboration, for the story that we are telling and asking people to take seriously. I don't see any of that...yet.

    If I claim that the Covid 19 vaccines are ineffective or dangerous, I must offer substantial evidence for my thesis. If I can't or won't (or claim that it's up to others to confirm MY thesis (!), then my "story" about Covid vaccines cannot and should not be taken seriously. The same thing is true for any and all UFO stories. How can most of us be totally dismissive of the recent Vallee story ( yet I will put his UFO credentials against Wright's any day) and not be equally dismissive about the Wright/A.E. story? In short, we can't. So the Tony B. story is premature, at best, as even he would probably admit.

    By Blogger Dominick, at Wednesday, October 13, 2021  

  • Cheers Dominick!.... -> But Tony is not just retelling the story; he is asking us to take it seriously.<-

    Yes! and when Pilots have a near-UFO-MISS, they take it very seriously too!?

    Why wouldn't they? BUT, their bosses view it very differently, and they WOULD, wouldn't they!?...money rings a bell!.....?

    By Blogger Daniel, at Wednesday, October 13, 2021  

  • I suspect there is something important may be coming to vindicate the interviewed woman.

    Stay tuned. I'll keep you guys in the loop.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Wednesday, October 13, 2021  

  • I'm just waiting for the moment, maybe this time, maybe next time, when I can recreate Scotty the reporter's reaction after watching The Thing From Another World get electrocuted into a potato chip.

    By Blogger Ron, at Wednesday, October 13, 2021  

  • Scotty's reaction, for those who haven't seen "The Thing From Another World" in a while:

    By Blogger Ron, at Wednesday, October 13, 2021  

  • I agree with you Rich, Tony researches thoroughly and wants to look for good evidence, on some occasions he has been wrong, but I do not think it is a motive to ignore all his contributions.

    By Blogger jacaravaca, at Thursday, October 14, 2021  

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