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Saturday, October 09, 2021

The patina of UFO research

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Facebook is a lot of things to a lot of people. It contains many good things and bad things too.
And within the context of ufology or UFO interest on FB, one can see (determine) how the UFO community – enthusiasts or fans – works with or treats the unique phenomenon.
Only a few – which has always been the case when it comes to the flying saucer topic – really research or study UFOs.
Within FB’s environmental circle of users, UFO devotees reflect a lot of superficial interest – showcasing sightings, links to web-sites, blogs, podcasts, conferences et al. – but few are actively engaged in a deep study of the enigmatic things.
The litany of active investigators is small and contains the names of those we’ve all come to know over the years because of their posterings on television or at conferences or via books and other manifestations of output. (Need I name them? You know who they are.)
Then there are those who give away their shallow interest in UFOs, people who live on the scrim of the phenomenon but prefer the attributes of homely existence much more than anything in the UFO universe. You know, their acquaintanceship with UFO personalities, the foods and drinks they like, the vacations they take, the books they buy but rarely read, the UFO incidents or movies about them they prefer, et cetera.
But a deep read or study of UFO episodes is sorely lacking, as one can see from their ruminations about them, which are devoid of thought or analysis.
In my ongoing and petulant struggle to clarify the Wright/Einstein interview, one can see from the comments at Facebook (and here) that no one is trying to confirm anything that was “revealed” by Ms. Wright, just sniping about her almost unbelievable account.
That’s how it has been with many UFO events and the people who’ve offered their observations or interactions and/or thoughts on the phenomenon: Luis Elizondo, Avi Loeb, Friedman, Scully, Bragalia, et al.
No in-depth analysis or pursuit of corroborative or even disputing material, just biased, ignorant opinion…..the gist of most FB input, sadly.
The phenomenon deserves better.


  • Rich, stop. Please. It's a hobby for 99% of us out here and you still don't get it. Now, there is a 1% who have their own website for discussing these issues; there is a 1% that files FOIA requests to secure documents that the government doesn't want us see; there is a 1% that writes books and articles on the UFO phenomenon and secures a bit of an income from the subject. And there is a 1%--and that's probably generous--that is actively engaged in serious research but, alas, they are probably in the defense/intelligence community with secret security clearances.

    So, what are the 99% to do when a story like the A.E./Wright appears? Rush out and try to confirm it? You must be kidding. It's the 1% people like Tony that ought to confirm it IF THEY WANT IT AND THEM TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY. If you as a journalist or me as an economist wrote a story with such austounding implications as this one, AND OFFERED NO CORROBORATION whatever, we would be laughed out of our respective professions. None of us should offer any apology for our radical skepticism on this story or for our failure (!) to confirm it.

    By Blogger Dominick, at Saturday, October 09, 2021  

  • Yes, Dom, it's a hobby but a serious one, for some.

    I just ran through some of the FB and Reddit retorts on Bragalia's piece. They are torrid in their lack of respect for his effort, as foolish as you see it.

    Tony knows how much I eschew the Roswell myth, but he entrusted me with his idea of presenting the Wright interview and I told him it would be BIG.

    And it is, or may be.

    I told him yesterday that there is something subliminal going on with her story...something beyond the apparent Roswell scenario.

    I find it fascinating.

    Today, I was overwhelmed by a batch of YouTube clips sent my way, all dealing with discussions between Robert Lawrence Kuhn and cosmologists, philosophers, physicists, and other polymaths.

    There are mysteries of mind and reality that stump them all.

    In the Bragalia piece, lies something. Something odd and intriguing.

    You don't see it and don't care. I get that.

    But it haunts me. I'm trying to shake loose from it, but there it is.

    (Again. I'm on way in from the airport, on my phone, so excuse any typos or blunders. I have trouble in normal settings, so you can imagine my problems while riding and trying to type on a mini-screen.)


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Saturday, October 09, 2021  

  • Does anything related to the "Roswell incident" deserve attention anymore? How many times do UFO aficionados have to be burned by that non-event before they realize there's nothing there and accordingly stop listening? We're well past the point when all sensible individuals should've done that. As you've observed many times RR the people who follow this topic have lost touch with their rational faculties and are gripped by a kind of madness (for the most part). To those taking this Einstein tale seriously: have Bragalia's "Roswell Slides" offering and the associated fallout already been forgotten? We've been here before. This is shaping up the same way.

    The Wright case may have psychological interest as you seem to be highlighting lately. But at the "ufological" level it's so ridiculous that I really struggle to see how it's generating more than passing interest in anybody. Completely unprecedented and earthshattering secrets don't get entrusted to 18-year-old college students because they happen to work with someone notable.

    We all only have so much time in this life and must decide when something is too silly to even bother with. (If we couldn't do that we'd all waste our lives on nonsense.) This is one of those instances so I don't take it as a concerning sign at all that you're mostly seeing people snipe at it. Nothing else is warranted (sorry to be blunt).


    By Blogger Martin Black, at Saturday, October 09, 2021  

  • Martin:

    As usual, you are right on point.

    In Ms. Wright's "fantastic" tale (as Daniel adjectives it in a comment for another post here), she doesn't refer to Roswell, unless I missed it.

    And others, outside the blog, have made much of the odd locale she seems to be describing.

    If her story was absolutely referencing Roswell, I'd have disregarded it from the get-go I think.

    But, because of her apparent "sanity" and respected background, I'm feeling something strange in all this -- and that has little or nothing to do with Roswell. (Tony Bragalia knows my position.)

    Those interested in this one odd expose, captured by its fictive nature yet told as a real event, should wrestle with it.

    Thoae like Dom and you are not scorned by me for disregarding it.

    It's the cast of naysayers who've likely not listened to the interview or who disregard it because they despise anything that maltreats their biases (and stupidity).


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Saturday, October 09, 2021  

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