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Friday, October 08, 2021

The Salem Witch Trials….uh, The UFO Witch Trials

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(I don’t want anyone to take my following remarks personally, please.)
Ms. Shirley Wright led, as best as the record shows, and exemplary, distinguished life.
Then her memory of an episode with her “boss” – the great Albert Einstein – surfaces and that memory has all the earmarks of a fictional tale.
Suddenly Ms. Wright’s long, accomplished, notable life is set aside and she is now the progenitor of a grand lie, a prevarication and fraud.
The slur(s) and diminishment of this woman and her splendid accomplishments are now the gist of her existence….she is the brunt of disgusting accusations and libel/slander.
I’m intellectually offended, not because of the offenses against her but the non-thinking that brought them to fruition.
This is not how ufology or research should proceed, but it does and has in this case.
It makes me puke!


  • See my note on this issue in a previous post.

    As Carl Sagan once famously said: Extra-ordinary claims require extra-orginary proof. Ms Wright, despite all of her splendid accomplishments in life--and I certainly am not calling any of that into question--is making extra-ordinary claims (I would say SUPER extra-ordinary claims) not only about what A.E. saw (and never reported) but about her own personal involvement with a crashed saucer and 9 bodies at Roswell.

    Both of these claims sound "unbelievable" (and her claim about A.E. if false is slander and I resent it) so it should not be surprising that some of us out here are highly skeptical of such claims absent the provision of corroborating evidence. Now you are correct that we could wait for such evidence to appear before we "conjecture" about the veracity of Wright's Roswell claims. But some of us are simply tired with being asked to swallow unsubstantiated stories of alien artifacts, alien photos, alien autoposy film, etc. and all because someone in the UFO community says "Trust us; it's all real; we will have the proof you require down the road, etc." Well that "proof" (almost) never appears down the road and all of us who have a serious interest in this subject are smeared with the silly nonsense of it all. People who do legitimate UFO research have to grow up and not provide tantilizing stories until they have the proof to back up those stories. Enough already.

    By Blogger Dominick, at Friday, October 08, 2021  

  • For me. Dom, the life of a person goes along way in how I evaluate their utterances.

    That mental deterioration -- dementia for one -- may affect their utterances, so we need to look for the validity of what they are telling us.

    With Ms. Wright I'm not finding or getting anything -- nothing! -- one way or another.

    That the Roswell episode had been inserted in her tale is disturbing to me, as it is to you and others.

    So I'm trying to find out why she would provide her story... Is it a deliberate fiction? A mixed up memory? Total delusion? What?

    I don't give a fig about the Einstein connection. He was absorbed by other contingencies in the time-frame and, moreover, I can't accept he'd keep his mouth shut about such an event.

    It would be outside his nature, not to say something, to someone, or note it somewhere.

    All that said, to dismiss Shirley Wright's story because it is fantastic, flies in the face of what's possible, not probable, just possible.

    That's the point of conjecture here, to suggest a possibility and see who might confirm or refute it.

    That's not being done, by you or anyone who visits or comments here.

    Just lousy opinion.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Friday, October 08, 2021  

  • -> That's the point of conjecture here, to suggest a possibility and see who might confirm or refute it.<-

    Hahaha!....The answer may be as simple as....Just (believing)..
    Ms.Shirley Wright's story, because it (IS) so fantastic:)..

    For me, it seems, somethings is missing in her story,not that it is wrong, just something we are not aware of..........?

    By Blogger Daniel, at Saturday, October 09, 2021  

  • I'm with you on that Daniel...


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Saturday, October 09, 2021  

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