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Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Excellent, real photos of UFOs? (For Dominick and Ron)

Tony Bragalia, in response to Dominick's request for actual authentic (clear, distinct) photos from this blog's regulars sent this:


Under question are the 1965 Heflin and the 1947 Rhodes photos:

Dominick likes the Heflin photo(s) and Ron favors the Rhodes photo.

But both UFO photos have been questioned and lack authentication by anyone or any group.

Yes, the Heflin series (which can be seen via a Google image search) are remarkable but the batch has been examined and explained often, the best by Ann Druffel:


  • Heflin over Rhodes in a first-round knockout. We have 4 Heflin photos with features and a description by the witness that matches the digital photo analysis by Ann Druffel, et. al.On the other hand, with the Rhodes photo we have: One featureless object; no background data; no camera data; no weather conditions data; and the negative, who knows?

    And I've been asking this for years and no one has ever responded: How do we explain the appearance of "black particulate matter" in the smoke-ring Heflin Photo #4 AND also trailing the UFO in Heflin Photo #3? And why does not this one fact alone authenticate the Heflin photos as actual pictures of some unknown object, either ours or someone elses?

    By Blogger Dominick, at Tuesday, November 23, 2021  

  • Dom:

    I haven't re-read the Druffel PDF, having gorged myself on it or her earlier effort, thinking it sinks the authenticity of Heflin's "craft."

    Admittedly, the Heflin photos are terrific: distinct and Polaroid (as you note). That black circle (residue of a departure or another UFO's disappearance) is not a common element in other UFO pics.

    I'll look for a few analyzes of the photos that were part of a Bragalia posting long ago, which was online at one of my blogs. It was a doozy of an evaluation.

    I'm hoping Tony, Ron, and others will jump in here to dialogue about the photos and Heflin.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Tuesday, November 23, 2021  

  • I brought up the Rhodes' photos because of their clarity and the object's unusual shape, being similar to Kenneth Arnold's description of the objects he witnessed. If it turns out to be a shoe heel, well that in itself is unique and deserves a good laugh and a well done. I agree that Rhodes' background doesn't inspire confidence. The Heflin photos are also clear and show an unusual shape; I don't believe it's been duplicated much in UFO lore. There's just something about the Heflin case that leaves me cold, nonetheless.

    I think the photos from the previous post by jlmet top all of them. If they're real, then that's some serious saucer evidence.

    By Blogger Ron, at Wednesday, November 24, 2021  

  • Ron:

    The jlmet offerings are interesting. I hadn't seen them before but will dig down to see what there is, online, or if there is anything written about them. (I found boxes of UFO magazines while looking for those government UFO pics for Dom.)

    The dismissal of Rhodes' photo and Heflin's series is par for UFO pics as you well know. And the analyses, while imaginative, do not necessarily work against the authenticity of the images.

    I'll continue to seek material, pro and con, for any photos suggested.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Wednesday, November 24, 2021  

  • Ron -

    What in Rhodes background doesn't inspire confidence. You mean the Air Force rather obvious attempt to smear him? I have posted on my blog more information about Rhodes including that he held a number of patents, worked for the Navy at the beginning of WW II and that he had a rather abrasive personality that seemed to annoy others. Anyway, I think you should take a look at some of the background information I have found about him, including some insight from one of his colleagues.


    By Blogger KRandle, at Wednesday, November 24, 2021  

  • Kevin, something about Rhodes reminds me of Bob Lazar, perhaps it's their eclectic backgrounds, and I'm projecting my doubts about one onto the other. Despite that, I don't knock Rhodes' sighting as much as others; if nothing else, Air Force actions suggest they thought there was something to it.

    By Blogger Ron, at Wednesday, November 24, 2021  

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