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Wednesday, November 24, 2021

jlmet's UFO photo offering(s)

Responding to Dominick's request for interesting (distinct) UFO photos, jlmet provided links to some photos he found that fits the bill.

These are blow-ups of the UFOs taken from the links jlmet provided:


  • A modern version of one of these would knock the jaded media and bored public on its ear. Throw in an occupant or two for good measure, and it's a whole new game.

    Then, of course, the fear would set in, and that's a whole new problem.

    By Blogger Ron, at Wednesday, November 24, 2021  

  • I've seen all of these photos but much appreciated, nonetheless. However, that these (along with the Heflin polaroids and a scattering of others) are the BEST (!) UFO photos that any of us can come up with AFTER MORE THAN 70 YEARS is remarkable. Think of the hundreds of thousands of cameras and millions of photos taken since 1947. Think of the many zillions of cellphones and cellphone photos taken in the last 2 decades. And all we have (from the private sector at least) are a small handful of fairly unremarkable-looking flying "somethings" with no support whatsoever for the "alien spaceships are visting earth" scenerio. Anyone see anything that looks like a space ship from another galaxy?!

    Back to square one.

    By Blogger Dominick, at Wednesday, November 24, 2021  

  • Back to old flimsy flying saucers pics. This is sad.

    By Blogger Claude Falkstrom, at Wednesday, November 24, 2021  

  • Those Colfax pics float around with a different story about a police officer, and in various B&W, color, cropped, etc. versions (which may just be due to publishing, but still). The largest, clearest picture of the craft really seems to show a string of some sort too.

    By Blogger Brian, at Friday, November 26, 2021  

  • Thanks Brian...

    That's a few things that need clarification; that's what Dominick requested and what we hope to do with such photos.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Friday, November 26, 2021  

  • Regarding video-photo evidence I think that the Montana film is quite impressive. Especially because of its history--there is strong evidence that the film originally had some very good and quite "close up" frames of the objects (which apparently were classic flying saucers) that were cut out by some gov agents to whom the film was sent. Back in the 50s people weren't nearly as aware of how malevolent state actors are.



    By Blogger Martin Black, at Friday, November 26, 2021  

  • Claude:

    Your continued "interest" in the topic--which amounts to dedicated whining about others remaining interested in it--is what's truly sad.


    By Blogger Martin Black, at Friday, November 26, 2021  

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