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Sunday, November 07, 2021

Nick Redfern’s latest book (about Time Travel) and UFO "readers"

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Nick Redfern’s latest book about time travel -- Time Travel: The Science and Science Fiction [2021] – adds to his 60 plus oeuvre.
While Nick’s books are collectors-items for many, his readers are missing the opportunities to use his little or unknown journalistic finds for research of paranormal (and especially for some of us) UFO items that may lead us to explanations of mysteries that encompass our reality.
This is endemic for much that is written by astute writers whose efforts can lead us enthusiasts to truths that open much that remains hidden from view.
Albert Rosales does this with his humanoid reportage. And Eric Wargo does the same with his hypothetical ruminations via his literary efforts (and blog).
UFO people grab books and ephemera that Isaac Koi or Jan Aldrich gather for students of ufology, as Rick Hilberg and Kay Cog also do.
But are the gatherers reading the books and articles they are collecting? No, I don’t think so, not as a perusal, but cursorily, if that.
I know that a real insight Nick presents in his 2009 Contactees book is virtually unknown or exploited by persons who think they are UFO researchers.
(I’ll delineate the specific insight Nick provides sometime here.)
And I feel that many skim much of the material offered at Facebook in the UFO Groups’ vast output daily there. Some of that output is more than interesting, much isn’t of course.

One has to be discerning.
The problem lies in how society has skirted intellectual deep-diving, replacing it with the quick fix, and in the UFO community, real research, actual investigation, hefty scrutiny having been replaced by the great dog paddle: the attempt to be well-read and well-nourished replaced by a superficial glance at UFO accounts – the big, important ones and even the seemingly insignificant ones.
Nick’s books and the other sources referred to are actually set aside with a glance, as sensationalized glitz, now presented as UAP becomes the vague norm for lazy UFO slugs who are presently controlling the UFO dialogue, not because they’re conspiratorial but because they are just dumb.


  • Discerning, indeed. I'm glad Redfern continues to dig; he's one of the good ones. Others, mentioned in this link (from the Anomalist), not so much:


    Time travelers are not at the top of my list of UFO-source suspects, but I should probably read this book to see if I need a course-correction or not.

    By Blogger Ron, at Monday, November 08, 2021  

  • Yah, what's the Anjali thing all about? I ignored it when I came across the many references to it on FB.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Monday, November 08, 2021  

  • No idea. Just another crazy chipping away at UFO credibility.

    By Blogger Ron, at Monday, November 08, 2021  

  • Why in the world would the FBI or CIA or DIA or any other US alphabet agency be interested in aliens in a mountain, when there are so many white supremacists to track down. Anjali to the rescue!

    By Blogger jlmet, at Tuesday, November 09, 2021  

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