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Tuesday, November 09, 2021

Simple Reality for Simple people (Paranormalists and ufologists exempt?)

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When I get a notification for my YouTube channel, I check it out, and lately I’ve been deluged with “recommendations” for videos I might find interesting.
I try to view those I think might be worthwhile but as I’ve often noted, the ad insertions are more than annoying, they are haphazardly timed often coming forth at the most inopportune moments – in music or intense dialogues about serious subjects.
The dialogues are about controversial topics involving science (cosmology and physics among other areas of interest I have).  Breaking a thought or point is painful.
A recent topic discussed by Robert Lawrence Kuhn with pertinent scholars was about an ongoing interest of Mr. Kuhn's, reality.
I know some of you are not interested in the subject but that’s the point of this posting.
Reality is seen by materialists as that which we see and experience, nothing more.
For those inclined toward the paranormal and things with less or no essential “substance” such as UAP or ghosts and other paranormal stuff that float in and out of the UFO community, now more so than any time in the past it seems, reality encompasses a vast array of items for discussion or exploration.
Simple Reality is for the lazy humans, people who don’t like to befuddle their brains with obscure or mysterious fancies.
Simple Reality doesn’t need augmentation; it’s splendid as it is.
And with all the foo-faw about the Skinwalker Ranch recently I’m inclined to agree with the Simple Realists. Life in the common plain is juicy enough without doses of weirdness that offer nothing but delusional escape or near-psychopathic mental (thinking) breakdown.
The idea of many dimensions, multiverses, interplanetary visitations,  Big Foot appearances, Nessie observations, spirits, shape-shifters and all the rest in the paranormal pantheon merely becloud our short existence.
UFOs are an exception for some Simple Realists, but even within that phenomenon there are limitations as to what we’re dealing with. UFOs are commonplace for many who find them interesting, and now UAP cling to the UFO sobriquet, even though the idea of UAP is akin to non-materialist definition in its use among Ufological circles.
But that aside, reality seems to be composed of things we do not see or experience readily and it, as Plato intoned, something beyond us that we need to fulfill our purpose for being.
Yet, that real reality does clutter or lives and those suffused with a search for it end up dying without any idea what the real reality is or why they should care about it.
There’s some merit in a nonchalance about reality. Life is simpler, thinking too. And those who refuse to indulge in the paranormal or cults of seeming mystical or mysterious elements that some wish to provoke others with may be simple but content with what is.
As the rest of us belabor our thought and lives with the fringes of life that mean nothing perhaps, our simple friends are enjoying life stupefied by its many vacuous pleasures.



  • Bigfoot hunters need to ask themselves what their plans are if and when Bigfoot finds them.

    Aside from that, while I only semi-seriously speculate on whether the Pentagon has our own best interests at heart by protecting us from UFO reality, and while caution is called for in dealing with this whole cult of weirdness, the thought of an important something just beyond our grasp is too compelling to ignore.

    If we're going to be stuck in Crazy Town, let's party.

    By Blogger Ron, at Tuesday, November 09, 2021  

  • ->If we're going to be stuck in Crazy Town, let's party.<-

    Yeah!...Let's party with something "in common"... too compelling to ignore. Nice one Ron! That's the Reality........

    By Blogger Daniel, at Wednesday, November 10, 2021  

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