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Wednesday, November 03, 2021

Telepathy (and Consciousness) between humans and ETs?

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Two recent Robert Lawrence Kuhn topics sent my way – the Multiverse and  Consciousness – factor in the discussion of UFOs, in some way or another.
I’ll tackle the Multiverse upcoming, with your forbearance, but here I’d like to take on the idea of telepathy, supposedly between UFO entities and witnesses in encounter scenarios.
Lately, it seems some people are having UFO entity encounters, as happened in the 50s and as late as the 1970s, fading from the record or reports pretty much after that.
Today, as then, persons claiming a UFO humanoid encounter report they have dialogues or receive information via telepathy: "the direct transference of thought from one person (sender or agent) to another (receiver or percipient) without using the usual sensory channels of communication, hence a form of extrasensory perception (ESP)."
The definition above from the internet and this from, Wikipedia:
Thought seems to be directly connected to consciousness, and while debates about thought and consciousness are varied and often conjectural, we can assume that any transmission between an alleged extraterrestrial or alien visitor and a human involves the transmission of understandable information between the two beings, the human and the UFO entity.
But is this possible?
Is consciousness unique to humankind or a universal quality of sentient things, everywhere, even across the cosmos, or between different dimensions, even different realities?
That is, can a human receive thoughts from an ET or other being outside Earth’s common geography?
Can humans receive (and have humans ever received) thought from other Earth’s sentient populations: animals, plants, any fauna or flora, ever?
Not in any evidentiary way as far as I know.
How, then, could a human receive (or understand) any thought transmission from an alien species, one constructed totally different from humans who evolved from a distinct pattern of circumstances unique to our planet?

Is consciousness unique to Earthlings? Even if it isn’t, can one suppose that another species off Earth can transmit thought in the same mental or conscious configuration used between human mental interactions?
It’s unlikely, impossible to my mind, unless the “others” have an origin on Earth, but that for another time.
In the intended context of this piece, it appears that reports of telepathic communication between alien beings (ETs et al.) and humans (UFO witnesses) are bogus or delusional.
The possibility of a like-consciousness between Earth beings and other species, not from Earth and even those from Earth but not human in nature is so remote that we can disregard any accounts of such happenings…..except to analyze psychiatrically.

N. B. Image atop from the Smithsonian


  • The children at the Ariel school supposedly received telepathic communication from their visitors: one of the strangest aspects of the story*.

    *Perhaps not UFO related and best left for elsewhere, but could Ariel tie-in somehow to the reported cases of mass hysteria in schools overseas?

    By Blogger Ron, at Thursday, November 04, 2021  

  • The question Ron is, was it actually telepathy?

    And were the entities from off Earth?


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Thursday, November 04, 2021  

  • Yeah, what do children that age know of telepathy? Maybe it was reported as such though not described specifically in those terms?

    I suppose one look at the drawings with the creatures' eyes (like the reported Greys) and one thinks "alien." But it's an assumption, based on often questionable testimony and reporting.

    By Blogger Ron, at Thursday, November 04, 2021  

  • Well we know the kids saw something. What they experienced wasn't really addressed by Dr. Mack, psychologically anyway. (He had become enwrapped in the ET thing sadly.)

    And the kids eventually became ensconced in the ET thing too, with all the subtle brainwashing they were subjected to.

    Like Roswell, this event has gotten mucked up and it was, initially, an interesting incident.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Thursday, November 04, 2021  

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