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Monday, November 22, 2021

The Dominick “Treasures”

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Our pal Dominick asked about some government[-offered UFO films and stills that I mentioned here the other day. I have yet to find the original order list/form for them, but I’ve come across other UFO items among my detritus:

And two of those items pertain to something I sent to Jacques Vallee in 1978 and/or 1992.
A few months ago, my disclosure of the alleged MK-ULTRA episode that supposedly created the 1957 Villas Boas “abduction” was seemingly indicated in one of Jacques Vallee’s books.
Some UFO researchers tried to confirm if the mention was, indeed, the MK-ULTRA “event”  but Mr. Vallee didn’t provide information about his book comment.
But going through my long-collected UFO “junk” I came across, inside my extensive evidence-attempt for the CIA agent’s [Bosco Nedelcovic] disclosure, two postal items that pertain.
This 1978 receipt was for my send to Vallee, I think:
But then I found this 1992 signed postal certification:

I don’t recognize the signatory – anyone who knows who it is, a colleague of Vallee’s or? would do me a  boon.
But why would I send or resend the material to Mr. Vallee in 1992? The matter was pertinent in the late-70s.
You can find the full details of the matter in Nick Redfern’s Contactees book and other writings of his.
The CIA friend of mine died earlier which I found out via a call from an FBI attorney and there is a sordid disclosure of the CIA agent’s arrest in the UFO UpDate archive, found online I believe.
Those interested in UFO “abductions” or the Villas Boas incident would do well to seek out Nick’s book and writings on the matter and MK-ULTRA generally.


  • Cool!!

    By Blogger Nick Redfern, at Monday, November 22, 2021  

  • Thanks, Rich. My request to anyone that participates on this blog: Can anyone post the best close-up photos or video of a UFO? I want to see what you fellas think is a genuine UFO.

    As most of you know, I have always been fascinated by the Heflin photos for a number of reasons. They are polaroids; no negatives to fake. The pictures are clear; it's either some experimental aircraft, some thrown model, or a genuine UFO. If it's an experimental aircraft, it hasn't been seen or photographed since. If it's a thrown model, that would require a confederate and numberous (failed) trials (and photos); none of that has ever been discovered. And finally, the detailed digital photo analysis done many years ago turned up very strange anomolies (black particulate matter in several photos) that would be almost impossible to fake or duplicate, even today. My conclusion. A genuine unknown.

    O.K. guys. Give me something as good or better than the Heflin photos. Please!

    By Blogger Dominick, at Tuesday, November 23, 2021  

  • The William Rhodes photos from July 7, 1947 over Phoenix, Arizona, have always intrigued me. See lead article:


    By Blogger Ron, at Tuesday, November 23, 2021  

  • Colfax, Wisconsin:


    By Blogger jlmet, at Tuesday, November 23, 2021  

  • I've seen a higher resolution photo than this one, but I can't find the link now:


    And the Hannah McRoberts photo from Vancouver Island:


    By Blogger jlmet, at Tuesday, November 23, 2021  

  • Fellows:

    Make sure to copy/paste jlmet's UFO examples in your image viewer. They intrigue.

    If there are any authentic renditions or anti-UFO (fake) UFO explanations, I'll present them.

    But at this point, the three objects jlmet has provided are interesting, that's for sure.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Tuesday, November 23, 2021  

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