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Saturday, November 20, 2021

The Paracast's guest this week: here we go again

 This Week's Episode: Gene and special guest cohost Curt Collins introduce skeptic Mick West. Mick tells us: "I'm a writer and a debunker. I used to be a video game programmer. I focus on investigating and explaining conspiracy theories such as Chemtrails, 9/11 controlled demolition, and False Flags. I also cover more esoteric topics such as UFO’s, pseudoscience, Flat Earth, photo analysis, and quackery." Based on his experiences interacting with conspiracy theorists, his book, Escaping the Rabbit Hole, examines the full spectrum of conspiracy theories from 9/11 to Flat Earth, and looks at how people get into them, how they get drawn down the rabbit hole, how they get out, and how you can help. Interviews with former conspiracy theorists show that there is hope even for the most deeply entrenched conspiracist. I explain the key flaws with popular conspiracy theories, and how to talk to people who believe in them.



  • West includes UFOs in his grab-bag of crazy things people need to be talked out of. But what if you don't need or want his help? He's a run-of-the-mill debunker with a condescending attitude, who could use some help himself.

    By Blogger Ron, at Saturday, November 20, 2021  

  • I wonder why Steinberg and Collins had him on. There are a number of other personable and interesting guests available.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Saturday, November 20, 2021  

  • Hello Rich,

    "I'm a writer and a debunker. I used to be a video game programmer"

    Very impressive scientific credentials.

    I am flabbergasted.

    Le summum de la connaissance et du savoir.

    Bande de clowns.


    By Blogger Hessdalenlights, at Sunday, November 21, 2021  

  • Julien...

    I know more about you than I should and I'm happy as a clam that you are a regular here pretty much.

    No need to explain yourself. You are one of my pals.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Sunday, November 21, 2021  

  • Julien has made the essential observation. The debunkers' nonsense epistemology tends to undercut itself at every turn. "We can only trust the scientific experts!" they tell us. Meanwhile bozos such as West and Sheaffer who have no expertise in any science get to work hectoring the rest of us on what we're rationally allowed to believe about the empirical world. What doofuses.


    By Blogger Martin Black, at Sunday, November 21, 2021  

  • Rich,

    Your blog about ufology is one of the last that I keep reading regularly. Very often, you ask the right and the most interesting questions for me (about hypnosis or the nature of reality for example).

    Fifteen years ago, I came to ufology and the paranormal through the skeptics point of view. It was the late James Randi himself who gave me the advice to ask UFO skeptics to explain my first weird observations and I was then sure that this will be the case.

    Fifteen years later, I can say that Randi was an intellectual con. And so are his heirs today: A bunch of Intellectual cons and incult clowns craving for attention on Facebook and Youtube.

    For someone who had the privilege to have a very short (but very convincing) sign from the other side, it is becoming very difficult to accept the fact that the skeptics (a.k.a. creepy clowns) are still continuously succeeding in putting their stupid obscurantist ideology at the heart of these fascinating debates.

    You and me we have a lot of in common. And both of us, we know that reality has multiple fascinating hidden aspects.

    UFOs are just one of these aspects.

    Bonne continuation


    By Blogger Hessdalenlights, at Sunday, November 21, 2021  

  • You fellows know that the small group who visit here -- there are many lurkers however -- are open-minded and highly intelligent/intellectual.

    So writing to them and for them and for you two is a joy.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Sunday, November 21, 2021  

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