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Saturday, November 06, 2021

The Simplistic UFO/ET Explanation

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The American Heroes Channel repeated, Saturday afternoon [11/6], a few of its “UFOs are ET spacecraft” programs; you know the History Channel-like Ancient Alien series.
That’s when I realized that the “UFOs are ET visitors” proposition is not only hazy but adopted because it relinquishes any real thought or proof.
Those who accept the AA/ET view are being brainwashed by ignoramuses of the simplest kind. The gods from the sky are, in fact, the Gods from the sky; Earth creatures of an unusual nature.
You know my view: UFOs are the instruments of these ancient Earth gods, who still live and interact with humankind today.
The “gods” as a special human [sic] race, is indicated in this paper (and many others):
In my current Substack position, I’m proposing that the god [Yahweh] of the Jews, Christianity, and Islam was a deformed exile of the Canaanite/Sumerian clan that lived alongside normal humans in the period 3300 B.C. (maybe earlier) into the Iron Age [1200-550 B.C. approximately].
My conjecture does not come lightly. Here are a few of the books and papers I’m using for my Substack thesis:
That this special race of beings evolved to a point where they had and have advanced technology and live hidden on the Earth or nearby derives from the idea that early on these “gods” – these special humans – developed technology:
My suggestion relies on archaeological finds and textual remains from a number of ancient sources, plus scholarly rumination.
The ancient alien thesis relies on imagination and a psychological desire for Earth to be rescued from perdition by advanced beings from a civilization lying so far from this planet that the idea is (almost) ludicrous.


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