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Tuesday, May 25, 2021

The Vallee/Harris sci-fi “novel” – Trinity

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Those reading along with me (or have already finished  reading), the Trinity book, should note a few things that impact the “truth” or accuracy of the text.

I’m only at the beginnings of the work but stirred by the failures in the account.

Some of you know my psychological training was influenced by the psychoanalytic method, and while I eschewed most of the child theories, they did impact what I was taught. And Freudian thought was enveloped by B.F. Skinner’s musings on operant conditioning et cetera, the emphasis offered by WSU’s curriculum. This allows me to insist on desparkling the recall of the two boys – Reme and Jose – whose story is the gist of the book and Vallee’s interest in it.

Remember that Reme was seven at the time of the witnessed event and Jose was nine.

Yet they both road horses back and forth to the alleged crashed craft where creatures were said to be small, but the boys were small also, very small, and remembering or seeing the entities as little, comparatively, goes against how they should have been viewed initially and recalled.

Also, the recaptured dialogue that Paola Harris gathered during her interviews of the grown men has all the hallmarks of a fictive account, a literary-like recall of the supposed incident.

And that a seven year old and nine year old would be jumping in and out of a spacecraft on the bed of a truck and prying off material from it rings false to me.

You remember how you operated as a youngster of seven and/or nine, or how your kids and grandkids act and think at those ages in your experience.

Moreover,  the account by Reme of remorse and sadness at the plight of the little beings – the creatures – ring untrue for their ages. The development of such emotion is a ways off.

Then there are the Roswell-like recollections: “a secret, dislocated weather balloon” or the “memory metal” found and then used to mend a “well problem.” And a reference to "greys."

All this, in the first pages…..where I’m struggling to remain with the book and running out of orange Sharpies to highlight the questionable dialogue and Vallee asides.

More later….


Jose Antonio Caravaca looks at the Vallee/Harris book