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Tuesday, January 11, 2022

A guy thinks he's captured a UFO on film



  • It's not a UFO. That's a timed (at least several seconds) exposure of the Milky Way. During his shot, an aircraft with either a continuous white light or maybe landing lights on, passed by & was recorded as an oval as it moved during the exposure. If you look at the closeup, you can actually see individual red dots that are indicative of a blinking red navigation light. The aircraft motion is to the left of the frame & the red light would be on that side of the aircraft. These people have zero critical thinking skills.

    By Blogger jlmet, at Wednesday, January 12, 2022  

  • This is one excellent breakdown and takedown of video and videographer.

    By Blogger Ron, at Wednesday, January 12, 2022  

  • 11,000 likes. Depressing.


    By Blogger Martin Black, at Wednesday, January 12, 2022  

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