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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

A sick obsession?

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I’m speculating that Philip Mantle’s ongoing and relentless attacks on Nick Pope’s character stem from a homoerotic obsession with Nick.
There’s little else to explain Mantle’s concern with Nick’s seeming flowering of his past UFO efforts.
Whatever gloss Nick Pope has added to his UFO existence and capabilities, those gildings do not or should not remove him from any UFO position he now holds.
Most UFO people like Nick and TV viewers and UFO fanatics like him, as do TV producers.
Some of us do not like Philip Mantle’s insane concerns with Nick Pope’s success and status.
It’s a matter of envy, jealousy and, deep down, something perverted and malevolent psychologically.
It has got to stop. And that will take pressure from those of us in the UFO community who think Mantle’s attacks are slimy and without genuine import.


  • There's a lot of pettiness in the "Coast-to-Coast," disinfo-peddler wing of "ufology." Keeping up with it all let alone trying to redress it is a Sispyhean labor. It's hard to care about Mantle or Pope because the former is just a nobody and the latter seems to be unable to write anything reliable on UFOs.


    By Blogger Martin Black, at Wednesday, January 12, 2022  

  • I agree, Martin. We remain mired in ufology's misdirected energies rather than trying to move the needle toward understanding the big picture.

    By Blogger Ron, at Thursday, January 13, 2022  

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