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Sunday, January 09, 2022

Disclosure hysteria

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A few regulars here seem inclined to think that “disclosure” of an extraterrestrial presence on Earth, via UFOs [UAP], will be an- nounced (admitted) by the Pentagon (the U.S. government or military) and that admittance is imminent.
I, and I believe Ron and Julien and a few others, don’t think so. 
The U.S. Navy (and maybe other military/government agencies) know full well, and have for a very long time, what UFOs are,  from whence they originate, and other related information.
The UFO crowd is flush with “disclosure hopefuls” and their attendant “true believers” in the ET hypothesis; that is, UFOs are craft from an alien species who’ve been a presence on Earth for a long time, even millennia.
The suggestion is possible, but remotely so, for some of us who understand the distances and vicissitudes of space travel and extraterrestrial life.
Yet, that reasoning has been set aside by some “normal” human beings, out of various frustrations with existential (in the new common use of that term) life on this planet.
I sympathize with the pals and folks who strive to believe the U.S. government is about to disclose the ET reality, but it’s not going to happen, and nothing is in the works to make it happen – no Congressional pressure, no new UFO [UAP] videos, nothing.
The hope held onto by disclosure seekers is a kind of hysteria, a malevolent hope that was once the province of Christians awaiting the “Second Coming” of Jesus Christ.
So, pals of mine and others, hie thyself to a minister or psychiatrist and cleanse yourself of the mental folly. It’s not only shameful but embarrassingly simple-minded.


  • It's evident how tightly this subject has been and continues to be controlled. The Pentagon is a superior poker player: they've already rolled Congress, and shown they can compromise any civilian investigation that gets too close, either from within or by intransigence.

    A secret so deep that it must remain guarded at all costs. It sounds so Hollywood, but it's real.

    By Blogger Ron, at Sunday, January 09, 2022  

  • It's the circular "Iraqi weapons of mass destruction" argument all over again:

    1) Everyone says the "bad" people have x -- except the "bad" people, who have a motive to lie.
    2) Lack of evidence of x PROVES the "bad" people are hiding x!
    3) THEREFORE, the "bad" people are lying about x -- and have always been lying about x.

    Madness or stupidity? Hard to choose.

    By Blogger Terry the Censor, at Sunday, January 09, 2022  

  • This, incidentally, came from Reddit (to my e-mail):

    Posted byu/toasterstrewdal
    8 hours ago

    The US government doesn’t trust that its citizens will be able to handle the truth. Why? Because they’ve been lying to us from the very beginning.


    It’s not that we can’t handle the truth. It’s that we can’t handle that people we’ve voted into place have been misleading us about the topic. If we can believe that a white guy from Israel was born to a virgin, killed by his dad and then brought back to life to warn us about his dad… then we can believe that other planets have life.

    What we’ll struggle with is the realization that generations of voters have been lied to by the people we put in office. We lifted them up to represent our best interests and they responded by thinking we’re all small minded and unimportant enough to level with by telling us the truth.

    THAT is what will happen with full disclosure… COMPLETE and WELL DESERVED mistrust of our government. And they’ve brought it on themselves.

    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Sunday, January 09, 2022  

  • Caught in a lie the government can't extricate itself from, which becomes a reason unto itself to keep the lie going. But the root cause remains. Rich may very well be correct that they've known all along what these things are, and it must be worth the effort to keep it hushed up. It's a compelling mystery with built-in reasons to keep after it.

    By Blogger Ron, at Sunday, January 09, 2022  

  • The CIA has a directorate that keeps records of the agency's history. I wonder if whoever is controlling this project has a similar setup. That would make for a fascinating read, and likely not something to consume right before bedtime.

    By Blogger Ron, at Sunday, January 09, 2022  

  • It's been 73 years since Don Keyhoe suggested in his True mag. article that a "surprise revelation" might be coming soon. The Pentagon is awesome.

    By Blogger Claude Falkstrom, at Sunday, January 09, 2022  

  • Quite frankly, everything the US government says is a lie. If you start from that premise, you'll never be disappointed.

    By Blogger jlmet, at Monday, January 10, 2022  

  • If we read between the lines, I think that an implicit "disclosure" has already been performed (voluntarily ?) by the Pentagon.

    The last report published in June excluded a US origin and kept on the table the possibility that these "engines" could be from Russia or China.

    But we all know that the weird behavior and extraordinary performances of these engines have been reported for decades. In deed, we have some very reliable cases from the 40's (e.g. the Foo fighters) and even from the 30's thus predating Kenneth Arnold's observation.

    Who can believe the dubious possibility that Russia or China (or nazi Germany or Japan) were able to acquire the required scientific knowledge to be able to build these extraordinary "engines" and keep this knowledge secret during all this time (since the foo fighters) ?

    Is it a joke ?

    According to Luis Elizondo, Chris Mellon and the late Harry Reid, there are people in the US government and at the Pentagon who firmly believe that the origin of these "engines" is demonic. Demons stem from religion. Hence, it is a biaised interpretation.

    Nevertheless, we can read between the lines.

    They are successfully hiding something really big and it is exceptionally significant.


    By Blogger Hessdalenlights, at Monday, January 10, 2022  

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