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Friday, January 14, 2022

Stop being foolish. No one has been or is being abducted by extraterrestrials

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The idea that alien visitors from outer space are grabbing humans for whatever purpose is so ludicrous that it bespeaks a pathology which is scarier than the kidnapping idea itself.
Firstly, there is no proof – none whatsoever – for an insertion of ETs (or anything) into our reality with and for the purpose of nabbing humans.
Secondly, the accounts come from a stratum of society which, while not “insane” in a psychiatric sense, is comprised of compromised individuals; those with backgrounds and behaviors that lie outside the norms of existence: the lower elements of our species.

Thirdly, some UFO proponents are quick to gravitate towards such erroneous idiocy.
Why? That is a question unto itself to conjure with.
While, admittedly, something occurs to this lower stratum of society that makes them believe (or use for attention)  the idea that they are special in some way which would make them attractive to unearthly beings.
That soppy writer Whitley Strieber has become a standout exemplar of the folly, attracting fans who need “idols” in which they can believe, no matter how cockeyed those idols may be.
The daily spate of “viral runs” for stupefying activities or banal human folly goes to how humankind has devolved in the 21st Century. The purveyors of such viral nonsense becoming “idols” for the lower lot of mankind.
Abductees (experiencers) don’t need help – they are not sick in a meaningful way. They are merely dolts, members of the class of ignoramuses that clutter the human glide to an evolved state of exaltation noted by Lecomte Du Noüy in his Human Destiny treatise.


  • IF, we can't believe in "UFO/Extraterrestrials" then what do we believe?..

    That maybe, we are throwing the baby out with the bathwater, so to speak?..

    Class distinction, has nothing to do with it, I believe..

    Around the world, either these events took place, OR they did not, this is what needs to be understood. Whitley Strieber has expressed his experience,as many others have,everywhere around the world. The clue must be in the number of reports. Surely, they can't all be lying or mistaken, considering, most do not know one-another, and have similar reports.That in its self, should raise an eyebrow,I would think!?

    (PROOF?) What's its worth now-days anyway, when no one can believe what they see with their own eyes, let alone from others, who have had the experience..

    Me? I'm waiting for something conclusive,that will impress,and even that, will be argued over:)...........?

    By Blogger Daniel, at Friday, January 14, 2022  

  • As you know I think the ETH is probably wrong and also a blight on "ufology" since so many researchers obsessively fixate on whatever seems to them to suggest ET involvement (when a properly scientific and thus impartial approach to UFO phenomena and their many possible explanations needs to be taken for us to get anywhere).

    But I don't think it's correct that those reporting abduction experiences are all or even mostly from the "lower stratum of society." Not too long ago I was reading about Gaines Crook on your blog. It certainly seems he was a very accomplished and intelligent individual but nonetheless had at least one experience that would fit pretty neatly in the "abduction" category. Further if I remember right his wife shared the experience with him.


    By Blogger Martin Black, at Saturday, January 15, 2022  

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