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Friday, January 14, 2022

The electro-magnetism thing and UFOs

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I see my buddy, Kevin Randle has a posting at his blog [kevinrandle.blogspot.com] about the UFO electro-magnetic trope which is back in ufological favor once more.
But where has the idea, in the past, and now, again, taken us? Really?
It’s a canard, feigning “research” – nothing more; a sop to sci-fi configuration.
Yes, it may be an effect of UFO close encounters – car engines stalling, phones and watches acting up, and maybe some health issues – but then what?
Does it tell us anything worthwhile or substantial about the source, purpose, reality of UFOs (or UAP)? It doesn’t.
Let’s move on.


  • In your discussion of E-M effects you say:

    "Does it tell us anything worthwhile or substantial about the source, purpose, reality of UFOs (or UAP)? It doesn’t."

    I disagree in part. I do think it (E-M) tells us something near-substantial about the reality and even, perhaps, the purpose of the UFO phenomenon. Most of the E-M effects reported have been associated with some sort of unidentified flying object; no objects seen, no E-M effects. Conclusion: The E-M effects originate FROM the obects and, thus, confirm the reality of the objects. (But we already knew that, right?).

    Further, since the the E-M effects appear to be "directed" in specific ways, we can likely infer that that is their intent, i.e., to disrupt and interfere with the electrical systems of electrical grids, machines, missles, missle launch facility capabilities, etc. In short, it would be a stretch (of logic) to assert that these effects are somehow random or that the UFO source of the E-M is unaware of these effects or their meaning. Conclusion: E-M effects are intended to do what they in fact DO do, that is, disrupt certain types of human activity. For what end? Information? Curiosity? Amusement? Who knows.

    That leaves "source" which, I assume, you mean some ultimate source beyond the reality of the objects themselves. I agree here. E-M can't really help us with this one. At this point, all that we have here is pure speculation unless, again, the insiders already know the answer.

    By Blogger Dominick, at Friday, January 14, 2022  

  • I like your insight, Dom.

    But you're giving a purpose to the e-m effect that just isn't there. You imagine the purpose.

    But let me "agree" with you... What does the disarranging of things or people tell us?

    Are the results purposeful? Accidental?

    An E-M patina tells us nothing. Except that electro magnetism hovers around something we think is thoughtful, but even that is a wish rather than a truism.

    The E-M insertion takes us a step forward perhaps but a corollary is needed.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Friday, January 14, 2022  

  • I don't think that I "imagine" the purpose so much as I INFER purpose from the nature of the data. You say that the purpose just "isn't there." What the heck can that mean? Where would it be (!) if not revealed by the nature of the action itself?

    When A acts repeatedly and given outcomes occurs (i.e., cars stop), we say that he (it) acted purposely (rather than say randomly or without purpose). We infer purpose (and it does not have to be conscious purpose; machines can be programed to be purposeful) from the nature of the action. And that's precisely what I'm doing with UFOs and E-M effects.

    By Blogger Dominick, at Friday, January 14, 2022  

  • Dom. You're giving intent to the e-m effect which may be just an unknown side effect that derives without purpose or knowledge from its source.

    Electro magnetism, a not conscious force of reality, derives from an interaction between things (people too) according to Persinger.

    Even a person affected doesn't know of it until after the fact.

    There's no purpose there.

    You're giving consciousness where none exists.

    The apple falling on Newton's head had no idea that it was providing a thought on the affected head.

    Come on, buddy boy. You know I'm right.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Friday, January 14, 2022  

  • Have you read Carl Sagan's book Contact (or maybe seen the eponymous movie) ? The device used to travel through spacetime had an immediate EM impact on the environment.


    It's not just Hollywood because Carl Sagan based it on a very serious theory.

    One way to create a wormhole in spacetime (as predicted by Einstein and Rosen and general relativity) is to create exotic matter required to stabilize it and this will have a huge EM fingerprint around the wormhole...


    And I can tell you that the theory of UFOs coming from another dimension or from ours through wormholes is scientifically interesting. Very possibly, this could be the origin of the EM fields close to UFOs.

    This hypothesis will be more credible the day when the first stable wormhole will be created through spacetime or through higher dimensions.

    It's worth noting that up to date, no Einstein's relativity prediction has been invalidated.

    The scientists who worked on the Hessdalen phenomena have written excellent books and scientific papers about this link.

    Richard Haines has written a lot about the link between EMF and the reported phenomena by the pilots.

    To name but a few scientists who worked on this link, Teodorani, Persinger and Sturrock have written a lot about it.


    By Blogger Hessdalenlights, at Friday, January 14, 2022  

  • "You're giving intent to the e-m effect..."

    No. I'm giving intent to a "directed" E-M effect; big difference. Read the E-M literature. These E-M effects were "targeted" (to cars, to power grids, to missle launch facilities) and, thus, are evidence of purpose. Of course, E-M is not itself "a conscious force of reality." No one believes that. The "conscious force" is what directs the E-M and THAT is a display of purpose.

    So come on buddy yourself; you know I'm right.

    By Blogger Dominick, at Friday, January 14, 2022  

  • Dom:

    I get what you're saying. and I can accept the idea that the e-m spurt may be directed but such intent is worrisome and not a wise or advanced decision.

    I prefer to see the bad effects as inadvertent (second-hand fallout), inconsequential for the source.

    The UFO reality may be one of sublime ignorance, an impish consequence from an inquisitive source unaware of malice (or evil).


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Friday, January 14, 2022  

  • Odd little details such as e-m effects could be essential (in aggregate) to the future development of a satisfactory explanation of UFOs (I'm not holding my breath though).

    At a bare minimum the e-m effects cluster with other lines of evidence suggesting that UFOs--some of them anyway--can interface with the physical world and aren't merely apparitional phenomena.


    By Blogger Martin Black, at Saturday, January 15, 2022  

  • "At a bare minimum the e-m effects cluster with other lines of evidence suggesting that UFOs--some of them anyway--can interface with the physical world and aren't merely apparitional phenomena."

    Yes. But it is possible that they are materializations of some sort.

    A very special type of apparitional phenomena.

    A sort of holograms using some unknown properties of matter.

    The narratives of the CE3 seem to go in this direction...

    To understand this, one needs to study the paranormal.

    Leslie Kean got this point.


    By Blogger Hessdalenlights, at Saturday, January 15, 2022  

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