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Tuesday, January 04, 2022

The January 3-10, 2022 New Yorker issue enlightens

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A Page 6 note for The New Yorker At the Galleries blip about photographer Lutz Bacher (who died in 2019) reminded readers that she thought there was a “fugitive nature of subjectivity and photography’s shaky claim to truth” which “Today … resonates in QAnon’s queasy wake.”
I’m not going into the QAnon insanity here but the idea that photography doesn’t necessarily provide the epitome of truth, as we find out when an alleged UFO photo pops up for the UFO community’s edification, is interesting and a truism.
But below that blurb was a note about a graphic artist – E. McKnight Kauffer – whose iinfluence in graphic design (interior design, book covers, street level look, theater sets) was phenomenal but eventually, by way of successive generational influences, ended up ephemeral.
This goes to my point here ….
Who, within the vast arc of UFO involvement, has provided a phenomenal anything pertinent to the mysterious phenomenon?
That is, who is at the top of the list of anything UFO-related? Keyhoe, Hynek, Vallee, who?
Second, third, and fourth stringers abound; even bottom stringers, like me, are in the mix.
But who is a First Stringer? A top-notch practitioner within the UFO circle, then or now?
There is no one. Influence and revelation aside, no one even comes close to leaving a mark in the vast UFO panoply that exists.
I can think of no one who will be remembered for their efforts or input to and about the enigma we, here, covet.
Even among those once famous for their work and influence in serious endeavors, such as Kauffer, noted above from a New Yorker notation, there is little to no remembrance worthy of profound mention.
How much more so is the indifference among UFO enthusiasts. No one will be long remembered if remembered at all, even in a snippet for a worthy magazine or text.
Examine how lame we hustlers here are and the numerous dolts spewing UFO lather on Facebook or within blogs, web-sites, TV programming, or podcasts.
It’s a sad world this, and in the UFO community, even sadder. No one matters, or has mattered, even those who think their current spiels are resonating.

N.B. Image atop from Buzzfeed


  • Rich I think that you make a serious mistake here. You are looking for one, ONE, person who everyone can look up to and say: yes, he (she) has put all of the pieces of the UFO mystery together into some comprehensive whole and will be remembered for that...forever. And since you can't find such a person (neither can I) you conclude, apparently, that 70 years of research and writing and theorizing have really come to much of nothing. Nonsense.

    With a fundamental mystery like this, no one person could possibly do the job you describe. What we have, instead, is a slew of insights and contributions (some uneven to be sure) by a raft of very different people (operating part time with their own resources) who have explored various pieces of the mystery. The JFK assassination mystery is instructive here. Is there one person generally recognized to have put all of the pieces together? NO. BUT, instead, there are hundreds of researchers and writers who have carved off various pieces of the mystery for investigation; i.e., the rifle, the bullets, the wounds, the Z film, Oswald's time in Russia, etc. So that now, after almost 60 years, we have a far better understanding of the events of November 22, 1963. Questions remain. Of course. Same with UFOs.

    Keyhoe, Hynek, Ruppelt, McDonald, Vallee, Dolan (his comprehensive history of the mystery is a very significant contribution), Redfern, Coulhart, etc. each makes a contribution at the margin and these "margins" build to a better picture and understanding than we had, say, 40 years ago. Progress in any area comes in small, marginal increments; immediate paradigm shifts are very rare, indeed. You are expecting too much and, therefore, are disappointed.

    By Blogger Dominick, at Tuesday, January 04, 2022  

  • I get your thinking Dom. But I'm noting that in any endeavor, some few persons stand out, with only a few going on to a somewhat permanent legacy.

    In the UFO world, no one seems destined to assume a legacy. Not even among those you name. Sorry.

    No one. The "advances" you see or deem are pathetic.

    You are more generous and sensible than I so there's that.

    But I'm not here to be sensible.

    I'm here to gripe and bemoan. There's too much soft-soaping in the UFO community as it is... Saps, patting each other on the back.

    That's not my modus, as you know.

    I want kick-ass thought and action.

    You'll forgive me, good guy that you are.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Tuesday, January 04, 2022  

  • I do forgive you my friend and I understand your frustration. I'm frustrated, too. But my view is that progress in most areas of human endeavor occurs as individuals build on the modest contributions of those who came before them. We are moving forward although not at a pace, perhaps, that you and I would like to see.

    By Blogger Dominick, at Tuesday, January 04, 2022  

  • Dom, you know I luv ya, and I bet you read those New Yorker blurbs highlighting accomplished person's who no one remembers.

    That's how it is in the UFO arena. Lots of effort and we're right back to square one with nut-balls and worse.

    Someone has got to ring the bell.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Tuesday, January 04, 2022  

  • Your exasperation is understandable and but perhaps just impatience. As I see it the state affairs in the topic is one of impending revelation. Among the best evidence of it is the silence of the skeptics amid the recent disclosures as we have discussed.

    High powered attention is ongoing as a "machine" of investigation. The military has had to admit to the phenomena in disclosure to the government in Washington. That can't be taken back and they can't stall if forever.

    It is true there is no god of or in the flow of this new information although there is Elizondo to be recognized and others like yourself who over the years has addressed and teased the topic in this new medium.

    The hype is still out there but hype and self promotion is subsiding in face of UFOs now being acknowledged as an ongoing unknown.

    By Blogger Bryan Daum, at Tuesday, January 04, 2022  

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