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Monday, January 10, 2022

The [UFO] “Deep State”

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The current New Yorker magazine (January 3 & 10, 2022) has a piece about a bombastic pro-Trump radio broadcaster, Dan Bon- gino.
In the article by Evan Osnos (Page 32 ff.) are references to the U.S. government’s alleged “Deep State” – a conspiratorial group that guides the country, or tries to, in ways favorable to those that Bon- gino (and other Trumpsters) hate.
The idea is ludicrous, except that there are “deep states” within any organized construct, and have been since time immemorial.
(I won’t bore you with the sub-strata that made up “deep states” in primitive societies or the Oriental dynasties, or the Roman republic or the Catholic Church et al.)
Nick Redfern has noted, I think, the deep stated Evangelical ele- ments within the Pentagon.
And I’ve often covered the substratum evolving from the Illuminati movement.
The point here is that while trying to find out what elements of the U.S.Navy or other military segments of the U.S government or Britain’s MoD, we are confounded by the conspiratorialists of America’s far right, the idiots who think the extant Deep State(s) concern themselves with Donald Trump or Joe Biden. They don’t.
Even the murky machinations outed by Whittaker Chambers in the Alger Hiss trial about communists in the U.S. State Department of the 1930s and 40s matter not when it comes to UFOs and the idea of alien (ET) interlopers sneaking onto Earth.
The UFO Deep State is a subterranean entity onto itself, vast and dangerous, even evil.
I seem to be a conspiracist myself, as a former John Bircher, but I try not to get carried away with the endowment.
Yet, I’ve long believed, and still do, that Truman’s Secretary of Defense, James Forrestal, was murdered by elements of the “deep state”:
And I’ve written that the death of some UFO notables seem iffy to me: M.K. Jessup, Dr. James McDonald, Captain Ed Ruppelt (Blue Book head), et al.
And you’ll remember my recent not-quite-jocular about Luis Elizondo keeping alert and safe.
The UFO reality, as our guy Ron sees it (with which I’m in total agreement), is a secret that some in the Pentagon – the “deep state” element – would like to keep and is keeping secret at all cost. Why? One can only guess
At any rate, there is a Deep State, extant, and long-in-the-tooth, present within the U.S. government, just as there’s similar "agencies" in Russia, China, Britain, and other countries like Iran.
Not to know that or believe it to be true is a blind spot for some naïve UFO people, unaware of the sub rosa groups that have flowered all through human history.
That the Trump conspiracy buffs talk about the deep state, which they believe affects them, causes the rest of us to be wary of pressing the issue.
But the UFO Deep State exists and has for a long time – some- time after World War II, maybe earlier.
To look away from the idea is to miss the point, about failed disclosure and the evil machinations during the whole of the ufological era, right up to today.


  • This from Jack Brewer via link from The Anomalist: "We have clear and documented evidence the UFO topic has been manipulated since the outset of the modern phenomenon, 1940's to present." Also: ". . . the very basis for much of the popular beliefs is grounded in demonstrably unreliable information."

    Brewer puts a fine point on what's been said here and elsewhere. We're being ****** with, and we need to be extremely cautious as to what we accept as truth. This subject takes no prisoners.

    By Blogger Ron, at Monday, January 10, 2022  

  • -> That the Trump conspiracy buffs talk about the deep state, which they believe affects them, causes the rest of us to be wary of pressing the issue.<-

    What I've heard about the deep state, from varying sources,...That some are all for disclosure on the UFO subject, and others "ARE NOT..NO WAY!..NOT EVEN!" There is a fight going on, for some time now. So have they reached a resolution?

    Don't know.............

    By Blogger Daniel, at Monday, January 10, 2022  

  • I'd guess Brewer's "unreliable information" includes the stories about treaties passed between the Deep State negotiators and Them.

    But it is odd that the public Ship of State goes about its business passing laws, fighting wars, trying to steal elections, all seemingly unperturbed, years and years of business as usual.

    It's almost as if they've been assured they're in no danger and free from interruption from the thing in the shadows. I wonder what happens if any concealment agreement is breached.

    Maybe that conjecture is too sci-fi. I hope it is.

    By Blogger Ron, at Tuesday, January 11, 2022  

  • Here's a counterpoint to the above:

    There is reliable information that our fighter jets often give chase to these things, an aggressive act to be sure. Why do so if we have an understanding with Them? Do those orders come from the Deep State itself or an unaware of what's really going on national defense apparatus?

    Always more questions. Never an answer.

    By Blogger Ron, at Tuesday, January 11, 2022  

  • If I remember correctly, jet fighters have, in the past, engaged in combat with these things (UFO)..Jets & Pilots were lost, thus, the order for engagement was stoped..

    In other words, leave them alone, and they'll leave you alone:)............?

    By Blogger Daniel, at Wednesday, January 12, 2022  

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