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Sunday, November 28, 2021

An (older) odd tale from Lon at Facebook


The comments about the hysteria of the kids and one wetting her pants, if actually in the original account, gives the tale some credibility, not about the "creature" but about what the kids thought they saw.


Add this as a footnote to my "Madness" post


The Madness Pandemic

Copyright 2021, InterAmerica, Inc.
Madness isn’t only rampant in the UFO community, which I’ll get to momentarily, but is rampant across society, across human civilization, and has always been so but is now at a peak.
The November 22 issue of The New Yorker had a few interesting pieces, as usual, but one – Funny Feeling by Kelefa Sanneh [Page 74 ff] about a guy, Peter Martin, who goes by Petey on social media, gaining a large following on TikTok, with inane humor and music -- exemplifies the current atmosphere of silliness and madness that encompasses all things nowadays, not just within social media but life itself.
Petey is hooked on keeping track of the numbers of his followers who watch or listen to his outpourings on his platform(s).
This is also the case with those who post on Facebook or write blogs like this one where reading or watching is more about quantity than what is memorable or worthwhile to those tuned in.
In the New Yorker piece, the writer added this: “People who watch a video may or may not remember it, years or weeks later.” [Page 75]
Few remember anything that they read or see, no matter the initial importance it portended for them.
And in the UFO community madness has run amok, more so than in the past where temperate insanity reigned but remained mostly hidden by the nature of the topic in public media and polite society.
However, with the overloaded input on Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, podcasts, YouTube, et cetera, the latent aspects of mental disturbance are palpable.
The idea of an extraterrestrial presence, even activity, like “abductions” and surveillance of atomic weapon arsenals, has become a reality for many, if not most, of the UFO crowd.
The kind of thinking – or, rather non-thinking – that raises a crummy guy like Petey to notoriety or fame is also present, wall-to-wall in UFO circles.
It’s no longer quirky – the tin-foil hat kind of thing – or ignorance. It’s sheer madness.
That ETs are ubiquitous is delusional in a serious way.
That UFOs are here in scads from far away in the Cosmos is dissociative.
That mental acuity is under stress and overwhelmingly lost for much of humankind is footnoted by UFO enthusiasts who’ve lost their bearings under the strain of trying to cope with the unmitigated madness of their fellow enthusiasts and the Machiavellian behavior of U.S. agencies.
The ideas that Roswell disgorged alien bodies from a flying disk crash or that Kecksberg was a downed UFO or Rendlesham was an ET event or that the U.S. military will disclose an ET presence all point to the insanity (madness) that I (and you, too, I hope) find everywhere nowadays.
Petey may be a current example of foolish madness but the UFO phenomenon has its own kind of psychopathology which is even crazier.

Friday, November 26, 2021

Luis Elizondo on British TV (11/25/21)




The current obsession of Ufologists (and news media)

I was going to list, yesterday, all the links in yesterday's (and the day before) Google UFO news feed, but ended up sulking about the lack of cranberries with my Thanksgiving dinner.

However, today's Google news feed and many of the postings of Facebook's UFO groups are again saturated with the Pentagon's pending UFO study:

For some reason, which I'll make a stab at explaining upcoming, UFO enthusiasts and news media, that once eschewed UFO reportage, are hoping that some "great" organization will provide an explanation for the UFO phenomenon that continues to elude definition by the UFO community.

Of course, the Pentagon is unlikely to offer up its findings for public airing, just as they have privatized their long-time accumulation of materials and evidence for the UFO reality gathered as far back as WWII.

Yet, UFO "hobbyists" are drooling at the news that a U.S. military construct is about to take on -- actually continue -- a study of UFOs.

We enthusiasts and members of journalistic endeavor remain foolish, or worse, in our hope of getting a UFO explanation from a government entity. 

But there it is....


Thursday, November 25, 2021

From Reddit: Corbell on new DoD UFO unit

Kevin Randle on the new DoD UFO effort and also his interview with Peter Strassberg (about the Roswell/Einstein visit)


A Happy Thanksgiving to my Americano amigos


The real skinny about Skinwalker Ranch



Wednesday, November 24, 2021

jlmet's UFO photo offering(s)

Responding to Dominick's request for interesting (distinct) UFO photos, jlmet provided links to some photos he found that fits the bill.

These are blow-ups of the UFOs taken from the links jlmet provided:

John Greenewald Jr. posted this info on FB: it's about the DoD's new UFO Task Force


Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Excellent, real photos of UFOs? (For Dominick and Ron)

Tony Bragalia, in response to Dominick's request for actual authentic (clear, distinct) photos from this blog's regulars sent this:


Under question are the 1965 Heflin and the 1947 Rhodes photos:

Dominick likes the Heflin photo(s) and Ron favors the Rhodes photo.

But both UFO photos have been questioned and lack authentication by anyone or any group.

Yes, the Heflin series (which can be seen via a Google image search) are remarkable but the batch has been examined and explained often, the best by Ann Druffel:

Monday, November 22, 2021

The Dominick “Treasures”

Copyright 2021, InterAmerica, Inc.
Our pal Dominick asked about some government[-offered UFO films and stills that I mentioned here the other day. I have yet to find the original order list/form for them, but I’ve come across other UFO items among my detritus:

And two of those items pertain to something I sent to Jacques Vallee in 1978 and/or 1992.
A few months ago, my disclosure of the alleged MK-ULTRA episode that supposedly created the 1957 Villas Boas “abduction” was seemingly indicated in one of Jacques Vallee’s books.
Some UFO researchers tried to confirm if the mention was, indeed, the MK-ULTRA “event”  but Mr. Vallee didn’t provide information about his book comment.
But going through my long-collected UFO “junk” I came across, inside my extensive evidence-attempt for the CIA agent’s [Bosco Nedelcovic] disclosure, two postal items that pertain.
This 1978 receipt was for my send to Vallee, I think:
But then I found this 1992 signed postal certification:

I don’t recognize the signatory – anyone who knows who it is, a colleague of Vallee’s or? would do me a  boon.
But why would I send or resend the material to Mr. Vallee in 1992? The matter was pertinent in the late-70s.
You can find the full details of the matter in Nick Redfern’s Contactees book and other writings of his.
The CIA friend of mine died earlier which I found out via a call from an FBI attorney and there is a sordid disclosure of the CIA agent’s arrest in the UFO UpDate archive, found online I believe.
Those interested in UFO “abductions” or the Villas Boas incident would do well to seek out Nick’s book and writings on the matter and MK-ULTRA generally.

An early booklet I made for persons to show the UFO potpourri at the time


Here's one response I got when I first sent out the booklet:
Criticism even then, 1968.

When I offered the booklet -- about 25 front and back pages -- to UFO UpDate regulars in 2006, one of the persons responding was Stanton Friedman who sent me the (Canadian) postage to mail him a copy.

He also sent a Thank You after receiving it, finding, I hope, a few items in it that were new to him.


Sunday, November 21, 2021

My Company's effort to remove Edward U Condon from the AF UFO study (way back when)


N.B .  These images are some of our effort to oust Condon from the Air Force UFO study, as indicated.

I talked with Dr. Condon by phone about our concern. He told me that if the Security accusation was brought up, he'd resign. Unfortunately, the matter didn't become a public issue (as you know) only receiving notice in an organization I was part of at the time:

Saturday, November 20, 2021

The Paracast's guest this week: here we go again

 This Week's Episode: Gene and special guest cohost Curt Collins introduce skeptic Mick West. Mick tells us: "I'm a writer and a debunker. I used to be a video game programmer. I focus on investigating and explaining conspiracy theories such as Chemtrails, 9/11 controlled demolition, and False Flags. I also cover more esoteric topics such as UFO’s, pseudoscience, Flat Earth, photo analysis, and quackery." Based on his experiences interacting with conspiracy theorists, his book, Escaping the Rabbit Hole, examines the full spectrum of conspiracy theories from 9/11 to Flat Earth, and looks at how people get into them, how they get drawn down the rabbit hole, how they get out, and how you can help. Interviews with former conspiracy theorists show that there is hope even for the most deeply entrenched conspiracist. I explain the key flaws with popular conspiracy theories, and how to talk to people who believe in them.


Ah, YouTube, a pain in the ass but then.....

After watching Dr. Todd Grande offer his take on the Navy pilots involved in the AATIP videos....
....wherein his takes on UFO witnesses were more withering than mine: lower-class people, with mental deficiencies and errant perceptive abilities, this popped up on my TV:
Now we're getting somewhere, or are we?


Hypnosis: a relatively current re-assessment by science

My brilliant pal, here, Martin, wrote in a comment (below in another posting) that he disagreed with my assessment that Hypnosis/Hypnotism has been reassessed by science and deemed to be valid and useful.

I don't like countering Martin (and a few others of you) when you think I'm wrong.

But, indeed, Neuroscience has come, lately, to see the validity of hypnosis for a number of uses about the mind, behavior, et cetera.

While a few so-called UFO researchers have sullied the methodology, mostly by inadvertently or, sometimes, purposefully inserting their biases into the subject's responses while "out," the practice can be effectively utilized to regain access to information stored in the memory (unconscious) of the person hypnotized.

I have dozens of supporting papers (and links) if anyone is interested. (Martin?)


Those colored photos of the AATIP UFOs

Friday night [11/19], a JPL scientist popped up on my TV during a YouTube update I was doing: Fran  Blanche.
She told of her UFO interest as a little girl, then her dismissal of the phenomenon later on.

But after the AATIP photos emerged, her UFO interest was piqued again.

She then elaborated on her amazement at the "objects" caught by the Navy pilots, and she showed several of the colored photographs those pilots took of the things -- photos I hadn't seen up to now.

There were no details, like windows or appurtenances displayed in the photos but the Tic-Tac object was clear and distinct against a blue sky and one of the other objects was a little washed out and amorphous.

So, there are photos -- beyond the black-and-white infrared images we've all seen.

Maybe someone can provide a few of those photos, giving us a bit more substance to the UFO reality.


One of Albert Rosales' interesting stories, on Facebook

Albert S Rosales

Location. Zelyenyi Island, River Don, Rostov-on-Don, Russia

Date: end of April 1941 Time: 2300

A 10th grade female student named N.A. Shirokova resident of the village of Zimnyatskiy, Serafimovich area north of Stalingrad witnessed several red and black globes floating over the forest. The objects were the size of the setting Sun. When they met there appeared to have been a “struggle” between them. As a result of this possible “dogfight” one alien craft attempted to escape south and began gaining altitude but was eventually shot down at about 350 km southeast of the original observation point.

The craft fell at very high speed on Zelyenyi Island on the River Don, just opposite to Rostov-on-Don. Many civilians reported hearing a loud boom of a possible heavy impact. In 1941, the island was not connected with bridges to the mainland, and only mobile pontoon bridges were used to visit it. In the morning several locals went to investigate the cause of the loud explosion and accidentally stumbled upon a crashed object.

Parts of the silver metal were scattered all over the terrain, covering at least several dozen square meters. The object had apparent split into several small and large sections as a result of the strong impact. Some sections of the craft were deeply imbedded into the earth. Amid the wreckage, damaged and partially mutilated biological remnants of several alien bodies were most probably found. Soon rumors began spreading in and around Rostov-on-Don that the island was now occupied by NKVD troops and no specified reason was given. Local residents also noticed several trucks covered with tarpaulin transporting something out of the island, this occurred only at nights, and they used a hastily constructed pontoon bridge. 

According to local lore the NKVD troops quickly cordoned off the site and blocked any civilian access to the island. In order to study the crash a laboratory was constructed on the very site. The crashed “UFO” was first reportedly thought to have been a German spy aircraft of a brand-new design. All the necessary equipment needed for the investigation was brought to the island. It took several months to collect all fragments of the UFO; some had penetrated the soil very deeply. Apparently, the craft was originally quite large, no less than 20-30 meters in diameter. Parts of the wreckage were taken away to an NKVD laboratory in Moscow for further study. The rest was studied on the island. (Later all the fragments were possibly removed to Novosibirsk).

 As was later found out the crash site and wreckage emanated substantial dosages of radiation, but researchers ignored this apparently hot knowing what it really was, knowledge of radiation was scant during the time. As a result, practically all the persons that visited the crash site, evacuated and studied the debris and wreckage died from radiation disease and the rest were killed during the Great Patriotic War (WWII) leaving practically no witnesses to the event. Because of the high radiation an order was given to bury all parts of the crashed disk in a remote location. Parts of the alien bodies were cremated; apparently the bodies were also emanating radiation. (The power plant of the UFO apparently used trans-uranium fuel).

2 months after the crash Germany invaded the Soviet Union (June 22 1941) and the event was temporarily forgotten. On November 20 1941 German tank troops reached Rostov-on-Don. The island was defended by the 230th convoy regiment of NKVD, which apparently put up very stiff resistance, apparently guarding the laboratory at the site. Reportedly the regiment covering the retreat of the NKVD troops dug up the last fragments of the crashed UFO and evacuated the laboratory and the wreckage to an area far away from the front lines, probably to the city of Novosibirsk (Western Siberia). Again, the radiation killed most of those involved in the operation. 

The rest of the wreckage apparently buried in Siberia. In the early 1980’s the city authorities of Rostov-on-Don decided to create a “Pioneer republic” on Zelyenyi Island and a number of pioneer camps, sports fields and children attractions were ordered built. Soon the expensive construction work started, but suddenly all the work was stopped for some unknown reason and an explanation was never given. Only during the “perestroika” years it was established that rare chemical elements have been discovered on the ground, apparently deadly in nature. Reportedly the elements discovered in the soil had no relation to the local industry nor to aircrafts from the nearby local airports, those elements were only present on the island. Cherry trees which grew on the island were reportedly 4-6 times larger than normal, an apparent sign of radiation.

HC addendum

Source: Vadim A. Chernobrov “Chronicles of UFO visits” Moscow 2003

Alexey K. Priyma, “XX Century, Chronicle of the Unexplained” Moscow 1999, Alexey K. Priyma “UFOs Witnesses to The Unknown” Moscow 1997 and

Oleg Gayvoronskiy and Ruslan Melnikov in: “Megapolis Express” December 1999 also Anton Anfalov Type: H

Friday, November 19, 2021

Curt Collins presents a superb exegesis of a UFO tale (and its hoax)

This article is a follow-up piece to an investigation begun a few years ago here at Blue Blurry Lines.

 It's being co-published with The Saucers That Time Forgot.

Thursday, November 18, 2021

The (obviously) hot item in today's Google UFO news feed


Skeptics are trying to remain relevant. It’s not working

Copyrighr 2021, InterAmerica, Inc.
My pal Robert Sheaffer took issue with my comments about Luis Elizondo; the slurs directed at Luis (and others) by quidnuncs.
Here’s part of the exchange at Facebook:
“Robert Sheaffer:
About Elizondo you say: "The slurs are rather moderate and without merit actually – like his AATIP department wasn’t funded, operating with zero monies from the government."
It's not a "slur" if it's true. James Lacatski, who we know ran AAWSAP, said on Coast to Coast radio that Elizondo's program (AATIP) had zero budget. Or are you saying Lacatski is lying?

"But there was a difference between the two programs. Ours had $22 million dollars in funding, his had zero. Ours looked at military and civilian investigations, his looked at military exclusively. And we had, of course, contractor and subcontractor support. He had no contractor support. But he did his thing, we did ours."

Rich Reynolds:
Robert, you sweet kid. Zero budget is quite different than zero monies. That was the slur. Nuance kiddo, nuance.
Robert Sheaffer:
Rich Reynolds Splitting hairs. Zondo's program was not funded by the government. AAWSAP was.
Rich Reynolds:
Robert, and what or who funded Elizondo's operation, the salary, the department accoutrements, etc.? That might prove interesting.”
No response from Robert.
But note, he assumes some guy – Lacatski – is being truthful when it’s obvious Latcatski is being stupid.
Stating that Eizondo’s AATIP office or department had “zero budget” is just smear.
Who was paying for Elizondo’s office space, salary, desk and chairs, paper, lights and electricity, et cetera, et cetera.
Like all skeptics, Robert chooses a goof-ball anti-position about anything UFO [UAP] related and runs with it.
This was true of Philip Klass and is true today of Robert, Tim Printy, Gilles Fernandez (French skeptic), Dwaine Sharp (formery Zoam Chomsky, the Iron Skeptic), Lance Moody, et al.
These guys have been shut out of the UFO dialogue because of the DoD admittance and videos of UFOs [UAP], proving that such phenomena exist.
So, now they go after minutiae that ends up, meaningless and stupid – as LaCatski doled out – trying to remain relevant within Ufology or the UFO community.
They would be smart to just fade away, rather than continue to embarrass themselves.
But they won’t or can’t. After all, what would they do? They have no expertise in anything, and few friends to support them. They are goners, but just haven’t learnt to lie down and disappear

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

For Daniel (and others?)

 For Daniel, who's fascinated by large stone placements:

Daniel (and other interested persons) should go to YouTube and type in Saqsaywayman which will bring up a number of academic videos, explaining how walls and structures may have been con- structed by the inhabitants at the sites where such constructs are found.


French media fooled by UFO prankster(s)


Dr. Leo Sprinkle passes (at age 91)

Tony Bragalia informed me today [11/17] of the passing of one of the UFO community's all-time important personalities: Dr. Leo Sprinkle.
Noted for his incisive investigations of UFO witnesses, often employing hypnotic regression, which most scientists accept as a viable tool when practiced by a qualified, respected, well-trained individual, such as Dr. Sprinkle.

May he rest in peace.


Tuesday, November 16, 2021

The Galileo Project and UFOs

Copyright 2021, InterAmerica, Inc.
I like the setup of Avi Loeb’s project to find extraterrestrial technology, but tying in UFOs (or UAP as his project defines the ufological phenomenon) offers some caveats.
The idea that ETs may exist in the Universe is problematic enough without tying in a mystery perhaps unique to Earth (or humans alone): Unidentified Flying Objects.
Possible ET technology within the cosmos needs the full attention of Avi Loeb’s Galileo cohorts. Not to know or acknowledge that is worrisome, from an intellectual, scholarly, common sense standpoint.

(There are other caveats of course.)
The possibility we are alone, while unlikely to my mind, is, none- theless, a viable discourse among philosophers, cosmologists, and physicists, among others with a polymathic mindset.
Searching for evidence of ET technology, itself, will not only be time-consuming and scientifically intense, to say the least. 

Combining a mind-crushing enigma like UFOs adds a complex, vibrant substrate to what is supposedly the Galileo Project’s premise or purpose.
Why is Avi Loeb distracting his avowed ET interest with the UFO sidebar? UFOs [UAP} are ET technology visiting Earth, a concept that is not only unproven but silly for a number of reasons.
Yes, UFOs may be ET craft but that’s a possibility, as remote as some of the galaxies that inhabit the vast Universe. Why imbue an alleged scientific endeavor with a sci-fi infused concept? It’s a kind of academic madness, which will sink the enterprise, and I’m not talking about the Starfleet ship.
Anyway, the Loeb project is interesting, even with the UAP smudge that mars its scientific overlay.
I’ll be paying attention.

(Image atop from Space.com)

UFOs or UAP? (Who knows or cares?)

This item from my Google UFO news feed was listed by 4 media outlets.


But what do we really have with this?


Monday, November 15, 2021

The odd ancient purse (water bucket, carry-on, whatever)

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This is Olmec 19 from [circa] 600 B.C.:
It mimics the 1300 B.C. Sumerian images and the 10,000 B.C. Göbekli Tepe line-up (shown in the post below this one).
These are the only images of the depicted item I can find, even after scouring hundreds of photos of ancient arts of the gods, et cetera, from China, Japan, Polynesia, Africa, the Americas, the Inuits, early Egypt, the Norse, and other cultures.
These links show some (also) feeble accounts of the mystery:
Suggestions offered by visitors here range from silly to almost as silly and my no-explanation is even worse.
It’s not a UFO matter per se, but could be pertinent. How? I’m not sure, but it rankles me.
Like the Socorro footprints or Office Zamora’s observed insignia or some intriguing crop circles, the Sumerian “purses” beg for explanation.
The water bucket suggestion is feeble: Sumeria was in the “fertile crescent” – where water was abundant and the Olmecs thrived in Mexico’s wet and rainy low country where water wouldn’t need to be carried or be an object of “worship” or caring, mostly an aggravation for the Olmec peoples.
So, while I apologize for begging the question but, not only do I wish to see who has imaginative insights but also who might we smart enough to come up with a creative, somewhat scholarly suggestion for the noted items.
It would provide a few of us (unduly) obsessed with the images some mental relief.

A Google UFO news feed: one of three without irritatng insertions


Sunday, November 14, 2021

Those damnable "purses" -- used about 12,000 years ago

Copyright 2021, InterAmerica, Inc.

While watching a few clips and documentaries about the ancient Göbekli Tepe site in Turkey, I noticed one image showing a line-up of those "purses" or carry-alls that are also pictured in Sumerian and Meso-American stone etchings:
The Sumerian example is on the left and Pillar 43 from Göbekli Tepe is on the right.

But someone has also noticed the similarity:
So, my "obsession" is not alone.

Yet the question remains: what are those almost ubiquitous items, some pictured about 1300 B.C. and others like the Göbekli Tepe scuptured images from about 10,000 B.C?
Anyone have an authentic supposition?


Saturday, November 13, 2021

The final paragraph from a TLS book review 11/10/21

IN PLAIN SIGHT: An investigation into UFOs and impossible science by Ross Coulthart [352pp. HarperCollins. Paperback, £16.99.]

Exegetical books about our “abnormal” reality

Copyright 2021, InterAmerica, Inc.
Three must-read books I often suggest to inquisitive newbies, Sartre with trepidation as it’s a tough slog of a read.
Being and Nothingness, by Jean Paul Sartre, is one of the great books of our time; it indicates that we’re inside a weirder reality than we seem to be experiencing.
Moby Dick, by Herman Melville, gives us the nature of God and our contest(s) with that entity.
Cosmic Consciousness, by Richard Maurice Bucke, outlines [sic] what some people experience as the real reality.
There are many others I’d like to recommend but these three fit the bill when it comes to acknowledging that the reality we seem to experience is not the total reality that encompasses our actual existence.
I’m hoping, as you all know, that the UFO phenomenon – actual objects with tangible substance – will provide clues (or more) about what the actual reality is that we humans are experiencing.
If the phenomenon derives from extraterrestrial visitations, or things from another dimension or parallel universe, or are ships from our future, or even simulations from something beyond our imagination, I don’t care.
I’d just like to know the source of the phenomenon (and maybe their purpose).
The books, noted above, tell us that there is more to what we see, feel, and experience.
Let’s find out what that more is. And UFOs might help in that endeavor.

MIchio Kaku on UFOs and the U.S.A./China space race (from Google news feed)




Friday, November 12, 2021

Five people are directing the UFO community

Copyright 2021, InterAmerica, Inc.

While the U.S. military (the Pentagon crowd) and CIA plus a few other U.S. agencies direct the path of UFO thought, or try to – see some of Nick Redfern’s books and Mysterious Universe commentary – there are five persons in the private sector who’ve taken upon themselves the goal of directing how, what, and when UFOs should be discussed or written about.
I’ve named them at one of my UFO blog’s that has been around a while and noted for its incendiary nature.
But for this more temperate blog, I’d just like to note that five individuals are driving the UFO information as best they can, and doing it with a slew of devious devices and actions that elude the non-perceptives.
I think Ron Press can guess who I’m talking about and the rest of you really don’t care, avoiding the machinations pretty much.
But the activity is insidious in its way and irritating for those of us who believe all cards should be on the table, about almost every- thing.
I’ll be slipping in my thoughts and exposures here upcoming.


UFOs “sacred cows”

Copyright 2021, InterAmerica, Inc.
I’ve noticed, as has Ron (here) also, I bet, that some UFO per- sonalities are, as usual with UFO enthusiasts, under attack, or being demeaned for reasons that are often petty or improperly biased.
Today [11/12] I saw a few slings and arrows being directed at Luis Elizondo, that seemingly impeccable AATIP guy.
The slurs are rather moderate and without merit actually – like his AATIP department wasn’t funded, operating with zero monies from the government.
But there it is: a gripe alongside the idea that Luis is now money-grubbing, using his new UFO fame to make a living.
Then there’s the wallop against John Greenewald Jr, which I won’t quote here, the remark slipping into the swamp of vulgarity.
Nick Pope has received counter blows from fellow Brits who are jealous of Nick’s popularity and many TV appearances. The idea that he did nothing but answer phones at the British MoD [Ministry of Defense] while there [1985-2006] is specious.
This sniping at UFO notables has always been a factor among the UFO hoi polloi: Donald Keyhoe, Allen Hynek, Stan Friedman, et al. have all received barbs during their times in the UFO limelight.
It’s part of human nature, apparently, to belittle those whose light is brighter than their neighbors.
But for the fellows noted above, that sniping is not justified. They are all good guys, I think. And to try and whittle them down by egregious falsehoods is pathetic and should be called out.
(Yet look at me: I’m attacking the Hebrew god Yahweh via Substack -- but he really deserves it!)

One of the UFO ET problems


Wednesday, November 10, 2021

The UFO Mish-Mash

Copyright 2021, InterAmerica, Inc.
As I noted in a reply to Ron – the most sophisticated UFO enthusiast follower/reader here – for my posting, below this one, about the Skinwalker diversion: It was only accepted by my closest UFO friend on Facebook, Beau Carrington, for linkage or notice.
My other pals there were either abstruse about it or disinclined to note it, as one intelligent fellow told me, because he thinks “it’s all connected,” UFOs, the hauntings at Skinwalker, monsters from the id, all of it – those things that the goofballs in the U.S. Pentagon have thrust upon the UFO world and the public – to what end? (You need to guess.)
We are experiencing, as Ron knows, not only a silly season in Ufology but an insane (madness) season.
This may be, in part, attributable, to the recent and ongoing insanity endemic to the U.S. politics, the economy (Dom?), and the coronavirus, COVID-19 “pandemic.”
But whatever is the cause of the UFO mayhem, it’s not conducive to sensible dialogue or efforts to determine what UFOs are.
The phenomenon continues to hold us at bay, something that’s part of the “it’s all connected” impression some have of the matter.
Whatever is going on – an imposed scattering of information from government lackeys or that which is in charge of this simulation we’re in – it’s disheartening, and goes to my, also, previous posting about adopting the "simple reality" stance.
That may be the only way out of the madness…